Øster Hurup strand heste ridning

Heavenly Himmerland

Rebild Bakker ved solnedgang

Nature, culture and history

Whether you are in the north, south, east or west then you are sure to find something to do in Himmerland. Here you will find a variety of activities and nature experiences. Go cycling, hiking or play a round of golf at one of the four golf courses, if you are an outdoor person with an inclination towards wonderful nature activities, then Rebild has it all, get an adrenaline rush in Rold Forest, the hills of Rebild Bakker is nothing less than heavenly lush green scenery. Here, in the heart of the region of Himmerland, the sky is vast and there is room for diversity – so if you prefer pensive hiking to the sound of birds; a mountain-bike ride at tearing speeds up and down hills; or, if you are more inclined towards canoeing on the calm waters of the stream, then Rebild can provide.


Outdoor experiences in Himmerland

In Himmerland nature is perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy kayaking, hiking, trail running, golfing, angling and MTBs, you are sure to find something for you in Himmerland.


Worldclass hiking in Himmerland

Go on a hike along the certified Premium hiking routes, The PANORAMA-Route and the Rebild Route. Or maybe a hike along Hærvejen (the Old road) that runs through Denmark vertically. If you want something simpler, enjoy the smaller walks in the nature of Himmerland, in North Jutland.

MTB in Rold Forest

Are you up for a challenge, try your hands on the popular MTB-trails in Rold Forest.

Outdoor experiences in Himmerland

In Himmerland nature is perfect for outdoor activities. From kayaking, hiking, trail running, golfing, angling, MTBs or something totally different, you are sure to find something for you in Himmerland.

Golf in Vesthimmerland

Outdoor activities in Rebild

World class angling

Hiking by Mariager Fjord

Spend your holiday right by the Limfjord at Landal Rønbjerg Holiday Park

Photo: VisitNordjylland

The unique nature of Himmerland

The nature in Himmerland is extremely varied. From the fjords on each side, the Limfjord on the west and Mariager Fjord in the east. Between the two fjords, you will find rolling hills created during the ice age, magical forests, coastlines, bogs and much more.

The island of Livø

Livø is a car-free island where you can experience beautiful beaches, meadows, juniper forests, oak forests, coastal cliffs, fields, moor, the long and narrow Livø Tap and Livø Harbour. Denmark in a nutshell There are nothing but clean air on Livø because cars are banned. And because of...

Rebild Bakker National Park

Rebild Bakker, or Rebild National Park, is a large area of hill covered with heather near Rebild, which is small town around 25 kilometres south of Aalborg. The area was bought in 1911 by a group of Americans of Danish descent. In 1912, the area was given to the Danish government with the ...

Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord , with access through marked paths.  The view from the parking place at Br...

Lille Vildmose – a nature area

Lille Vildmose, with an area of over 7,600 hectares, is Denmark’s largest protected natural area. It’s larger than Fanø in the Wadden Sea. You can inv...

Rold Forest

The forest, Rold Skov, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or active holiday, and on top of this, you can explore one of the many amazing gastronom...

The Moors of Himmerland

The Moors of Himmerland represent Danish nature at it score. The moor covers Vindblæs Moor, Oudrup Moor, Kyø Valleys and Lundy & Ajstrup Moor. The 1,3...

Explore nature

In Mariager Fjord

In Rebild

In Vesthimmerland

Experiences and events in Himmerland

Fourth of July

The Rebild Celebration on July 4 – American Independence Day. Danes and Danish Americans celebrate the American Independence Day at the largest and...

The Vikings are coming!

As you may know, Hobro is homestead of the Vikings. Several times during the year, you can experience a lot of Viking activities in the city. Most of ...

Made in Denmark - Worldclass golf

Made in Denmark is part of the European Tour, where some of the best golfers in the world play to win the huge cash price. Around 90,000 visitors will...

Løgstør Mussel Festival

Smell, taste and experience Løgstør Harbor when it plays the backdrop for the annual mussel festival. The mussel festival invites you to festivities a...

Local food products - Made in Himmerland

Made in Himmerland is a cooperation between the local food producers and outdoor adventurists. The taste of Himmerland Himmerland is an area ...

Opera in Rebild

Enjoy the traditional opera festivities in Rold Skov – Rebild Bakker. On the second Sunday in August, you have, every year since 2002, had the opp...

AFLYST - 8 timers trail challenge 2020

Lørdag den 27. juni 2020 8 Timers TRAIL Challenge i Rebild Bakker - er en moderne udgave af et stafet løb - HVILKE HOLD KOMMER FØRST !!!!!! ...

The towns of Himmerland

Himmerland has plenty of it all - the towns around Himmerland are unique and each offers their own authentic and exciting experiences.


The town of Mussels Løgstør

- and gastronomy, art and culture. Find experiences for the entire family. Many exciting events are taking place in Løgstør, such as the mussel festival.

Spectacular Rebild

- action, peace, and family fun are just some of the thing you can find in Rebild. All year you will find fun activities, culture, are and wellness in the area. Something for all

Beach with blue flag Hvalpsund

Very nice and child-friendly beach. The diving tower offers challenges to the bigger children. Always a lot of guests. Very good access. The parking a...


Where did the Vikings come from? Many would say the answer is Hobro, with Mariager Fjord right at its doorstep.

Øster Hurup

In Øster Hurup you will find Denmark's most child-friendly beach, a great town environment and a main street packed with restaurants, cafes and shops.


Go to the charming town of Mariager by Mariager Bay, the town is full of cozy and crooked houses, cobblestone streets and you will find roses everywhe...

Taste Himmerland

In the Himmerland-collaboration 'Made in Himmerland,' you can taste many of the locally sourced delicacies,

Local Produce - 'Made in Himmerland'

Photo: VNJ