Kvinde ligger på stranden

Hals and Hou

Surrounded by fantastic beaches and large forests you will find Hals and Hou, cosy fishing villages by the eastern estuary of the beautiful Limfjord. 

Experience Hals

Hals is a charming small town with small, cozy streets, a harbor with a fantastic view of the Limfjord and the Kattegat Sea, a historic entrenchment, and a large selection of shops and restaurants. The city is located in Vendsyssel and close to the estuary of the Limfjord into Kattegat with a ferry connection to Egense, which is on the fjord's south side. In the old days, Hals was of great strategic importance, since it gives access to the Limfjord. Today the area around the Limfjord and Kattegat has some of Northern Europe's most child-friendly beaches.

Experience Hou

Visit the small and atmospheric fishing village of Hou, just north of Hals. The town's heart is the local harbor, where you will find a playground for your kids, ice-cream kiosks, and the marina. A symbol of the harbor is the Wind Harp, a sculpture by the end of the pier. The Wind Harp is made from front-ends of two fishing boats, and two steel birds shine at the top of it. When the west wind blows through the Wind Harp, you can hear notes playing at different intensities, mimicking the sound of sea wind.

The beaches by Hou and Hals

The beaches by Hou and Hals are among the most child-friendly beaches in northern Europe. They boast shallow waters and small sand embankments that emerge as small islands during low tide. You have to walk out really far to even get water to reach the bellybutton. On these beaches, you will find room for fun and games and relaxation. Read more about the beaches here.

Activities and experiences

In the area around Hals and Hou, you will find lots of activities and experiences for the entire family.  During the summer season, you will find lots of markets, flea markets, food markets, and more. If you want an active holiday you can go golfing, SUP surfing, kayaking and much more. Go shopping in the small villages who both boast lots of different shops. Explore the culture and art of the area in one of the many local craftsman shops. In Hals, you can see the trademark of the town, the huge whale jaw located right on the town square.

Where to stay

Hou and Hals are the perfect destinations if you want to stay in a holiday home, but you will also find lots of BnB's, private accommodation, hotels, and camping sites. The beautiful nature of Hals is the perfect backdrop for hiking trips and lots more, explore the market every Wednesday during the summer season.

Restaurants and places to eat

In Hals, there are plenty of dining options in the shape of family-friendly restaurants, small cafes and cosy inns.

Explore the restaurants near Hals, here.