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Gammel Skagen

Photo: Mette Johnsen

The Northernmost town in Denmark, Gammel Skagen (Old Skagen), is the epitome of nostalgia and romance in North Jutland. The unique architecture and the maritime spirit is part of making this town an iconic destination. 

Højen - also known as Gl. Skagen is an old fishing village just west of Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark. This area offers unique architecture, raw nature and beautiful light. The nature experiences are one of a kind, the white sandy beaches and the iconic navigation mark in the dunes, all create a spectacular experience and a loved tourist destination. 

Besides the beautiful surroundings, Gl. Skagen offers excellent gourmet experiences - according to the White Guide. The small tourist village offers a wide selection of restaurants, beach hotels and kiosks, where ice-cream can be enjoyed right by the water. Week 29 in Skagen has been dubbed "Hellerup Week" as this week is when rich people from all over Denmark flock to this northern town in Jutland, to dine, drink and enjoy the nature.

Photo:Magnus Moberg

Activities and experiences 

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The vibrant town Skagen is home to a vast number of entertaining activities and events found at every street corner. Go hunting for charming shops at Skagen's pedestrian precinct, or if you have a cultural streak, explore the great array of museums, such as the teddy-bear display at Skagen’s Bamsemuseum, or visit the home of the famous Skagen paintings, Skagen's Museum. If you are an animal enthusiast, Eagle World is the place to visit, as you can admire the majestic and powerful birds soaring overhead.

Maybe the most famous place of Skagen is Grenen, the northernmost spot of Denmark. Mother nature has been at work at this sandy beach, where two seas, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, meet - culminating in a final encounter of lively waves. It is an absolutely amazing experience to stand with one leg in each sea, watching the waves arriving from each direction until, finally, they meet.

Photo: Fotograferne Vesterbro
Photo: Niels Thye

The Sand-Covered Church

The Sand-Covered church is a reminder of the sands destructive forces, as now it is only the church tower standing alone in the dunes. The original name of the church is Sct. Laurentii, which from the 14th century to 1795 was the parish church for Skagen. When it became harder for churchgoers to dig their way to the church, the battle against the sand started, until King Christian VII closed it. The nave of the church was torn down, and now only the church tower stands.

Råbjerg Mile

The Dune of Råbjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Denmark. It is located by Bunken Dune Plantation, between Skagen and Frederikshavn. Just like most of the west coast of Jutland was plagued by sand drift, Skagen in the 16th and 17th century was fighting the ever-changing sands as large dunes destroyed farmlands and town life. In the 19th century, a lot was done to try and stop the moving sand, lyme grass and coniferous woods were planted, but this destroyed the natural areas. In 1900 the Råbjerg mile area was bought by the state and now stands as a reminder to the destructive forces of nature.

Photo:Fotograferne Vesterbro

Det Grå Fyr (Grey Lighthouse)

Skagen Lighthouse, the grey lighthouse, is 46metres tall and beautifully stands at Skagen Point, being equally close to the two seas surrounding it. It was opened in 1858 after being underway for 4 years, it was built to replace the White Lighthouse. It is the second highest lighthouse in Denmark, and climbing the 210 stairs to the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the seas, Grenen and Skagen Town. The grey lighthouse is protected.


Gl. Skagen and Skagen is crammed with charming spots for dining out, where especially freshly caught fish is served for hungry guests who smile in delight as their food is served. The gastronomic assortment of Skagen includes something for every taste. Go to Skagen centrum to visit a smaller café or visit Skagen Bryghus, a brewery where you can experience the Danish Smørrebrød. Find restaurants and cafés in Skagen, here.

Where to stay and Wellness

No matter how you prefer to stay on your holiday, Skagen and Gl. Skagen can accommodate this. Stay at a classic beach hotel, Ruths Hotel, or find a holiday home right in the dunes near the water. Find accommodation, here.


Skagen ved solnedgang over sommerhusområde
Photo: Fotograferne Vesterbro

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