Palmestranden Frederikshavn


Frederikshavn is a commercial town with a bustling life. On an annual basis, the town receives approximately 5 million visitors. Whether you arrive by ferry or from the motorway, you will be met by the radiance of the city lights; and there is always a lot going on in the town.

Udsigt over Frederikshavn

A town with plenty of opportunities

Events in Frederikshavn

The last weekend in June is reserved the annual celebration of Tordenskioldsdagene. Here, 1000 volunteer performers assist in making the naval hero, Tordenskiold, and 1717 Frederikshavn come to life. This weekend is a clear favourite among tourists. Other than this, Frederikshavn organizes several concerts and sports events in the course of the year. Typically, concerts etc. will be held in Arena Nord or at Det Musiske Hus in Frederikshavn.



Frederikshavn boasts innumerable overnight accommodation opportunities – most frequently hotels and bed & breakfasts in central Frederikshavn. Also, the area around Frederikshavn provides rich opportunities for sleeping out, in shelters. 



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9900 Frederikshavn


Longitude: 10.5343793

Latitude: 57.436333