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Brønderslev houses one of Northern Europe’s largest rhododendron parks – Hedelund. Surrounded by century-old trees, the park boasts more than 10,000 rhododendrons, primarily blooming in the months of May and June – a most spectacular sight!

The vicinity of the town of Brønderslev is packed with nature experiences in places such as the forest, Dronninglund Storskov; the raised bog, Vildmosen; and the ridge of Jyske Ås. Next to Brønderslev, you will find a small pearl, Asaa Strand, which is one of Denmark's most child-friendly sandy beaches. Take a trip to the idyllic harbour of Asaa with the red-painted fishermen's houses and visit the cosy Asaa Harbor Museum.

Beautiful nature near Brønderslev

Sømosen fenced-in dog park (Dronninglund Storskov)

On Lilleskovvej by Sømosen near Dronninglund Storskov and the lovely nature you will find a large fenced-in dog walking forest. The forest provides...

Jyske Ås

15,000 years ago, melting ice, rocks, gravel, clay and sand formed what today is know as the Jyske Ås (The Jutlandic Kame). A place created by the ice...

The Rhododendron Park

The Rhododendron Park in Brønderslev is the largest in Northern Europe. There are more than 10.000 plants and 130 different rhododendron species that ...

Store Vildmose

The wide-open spaces and dramatic history and amazing nature makes a visit to Store Vildmose (The large moor) perfect. On the 60 square kilometers are...

Bicycle routes in Brønderslev

In Brønderslev there are plenty of opportunities for an active holiday on two wheels. Explore the beautiful nature surrounding the area and the Jyske Ås. On this page, you will find five routes in and around Brønderslev.

Jyske Ås

15,000 years ago, melting ice, rocks, gravel, clay and sand formed what today is know as the Jyske Ås (The Jutlandic Kame). A place created by the ice age and a place full of history and new adventures.


A visit to the manor houses and castles, Dronninglund Castle and Voergård Castle will provide historical experience aplenty. You may even participate in an evening banquet at Voergaard Castle – or you can pay our museums a visit and learn about former times’ fishing; about the milling of grain at the mill, Dorf Mølle; look at vintage cars/tractors, or take a tour through the history of the Vildmose moorlands.

Dronninglund Castle

Dronninglund Castle in North Jutland lies surrounded by beautiful nature and here you will find time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Voergaard Slot

Behind the thick walls you will find Denmark's most beautiful Renaissance building, built between 1481 and 1590. In the castle, you will find interesting private art collections and horrifying ghost stories. Enjoy a historical day with the family and discover the old stories of Ingeborg...

Dronninglund Kunstcenter

Unique Art set in beautiful surroundings. Where art, nature and architecture are united in a spectacular setting.

Lille Østergaard

Organic farm near Brønderslev. Here you can buy a lot of organic vegetables.

Where to sleep

Visit Hotel Phønix, a charming hotel in central Brønderslev steeped in atmosphere and with shopping opportunities right outside its doors. If you prefer staying in one of the villages around Brønderslev, we recommend Dronninglund Hotel, Hotel Hjallerup Kro and Jerslev Inn. If you have an inclination towards romance, Dronninglund Castle provides romantic rooms with a view of the park.
On the east coast, in the charming fishing village of Asaa, Asaa Camping provides every kind of camping facility, inclusive of luxury cabins. If you prefer more primitive holidaying, there are many nature campsites around the municipality.

Experiences and events

The Round Pavillon

Photo: Den Runde Pavillon

Museum for public utility and sustainability - MOSS

Photo: Museum for Forsyning og Bæredygtighed

All activities near Brønderslev

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All attractions near Brønderslev

Photo: Dronninglund Kunstcenter

All events near Brønderslev

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