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The active resort town of Blokhus is located right next to one of Northern Europe's best beaches in the North Sea. The city is located close to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland, the Sculpture Park Blokhus, the Center for Paper Art, and plenty of other exciting attractions.

Experience the amazing holiday town in North Jutland, with room and time for relaxation and activities

Blokhus is a popular holiday destination, the beautiful white beach huts and the historic sea mark at the beach makes a trip to Blokhus beach a mandatory stop during your holiday in North Jutland. The city itself oozes activity with concerts, events, and events throughout the season. Most of the shops, restaurants, inns, and ice-cream kiosks are gathered around the town square. This is also where concerts and other activities take place in the summer months.

Explore Blokhus

Blokhus offers exciting attractions in and around the city all year round. If you are on holiday with your family, you have to visit Fårup Sommerland, which has been awarded the Nordic region's best amusement park. Furthermore, you can visit the Sculpture Park, which is definitely worth a visit. During the summer, the park offers an annual sand sculpture exhibition as well as an impressive collection of sculptures in wood, concrete, iron, metal, stone, granite, and bronze. From November until Christmas, the park is transformed into a magical Christmas market with cozy lights and Christmas stalls placed in between the park's beautiful sculptures. You can also be enchanted by impressive paper clips in the Nordic region's first Center for Paper Art. The world-famous artist Bit Vejle and other famous artists exhibit their work in this center. Everything is made with paper and scissors. Visit Anne Just's garden, which is more than 7,500 m2, and filled with small color-themed gardens.

Outdoor activities in Blokhus

The beach and the sea are a completely natural part of the 'Blokhus experience'. Take a stroll down the beach along the coastline, and experience the characteristic white beach huts, which in the summer create a very special classical and historic atmosphere between Blokhus and Løkken.
The area is full of diverse nature experiences. Behind the town and the beach, the scenic landscape is characterized by forest, dune, and heath landscapes, which provide good opportunities for hiking, riding, and MTB touring. In Blokhus Klitplantage you will find Gateway Blokhus, where the little ones can enjoy the nature playground, the dog can be aired and you can all enjoy a picnic basket. The place is also a favorite destination for exercisers, as the gateway offers walking, cycling, and MTB routes. You will find Denmark's best MTB route in Svinkløv a little outside the city. Explore all the active nature experiences in Jammerbugten.

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Sleep and eat well in Blokhus

Mor og barn sopper ved havet i Blokhus
Blokhus Strand

One of the town's most visited places is Restaurant Futten, which has a lovely atmosphere in an old timbered house from 1761 and offers great food. Try the local fish dishes or buffet, which the coastal cities of Denmark are known for. You can also visit the magnificent Strandingskroen or Klausen Fisk & Skaldyr in Hune.

Blokhus has a wide variety of accommodations including hotels, holiday centers, campsites, and holiday homes. A lot of tourists choose to stay in a summer house - find a selection in Blokhus with Feriepartner or Sol & Strand.

The area has plenty of accommodation options, stay at Strandhotellet Blokhus or how about Hotel Fårup - in the middle of Fårup Sommerland. In addition, there are a lot of good campsites in the area, as well as holiday homes.

Find accommodation in Blokhus here.

Events in Blokhus

Blokhus offers lots of activities all-year-round. You can experience the largest wool festival in Scandinavia, Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival, at Sankt Hans in June you can see a huge bonfire on the beach when the town celebrates midsummer. During the summer season, you will find a bustling town with lots of activities and events for every age group. You will find concerts, garage sales, and food markets every week. Experience the canon salute at 21:00 when the local canon guild "shoots down the sun". During late summer and in the autumn you can explore the Blokhus Fly-In and Women's Weekend. At Christmas time there are plenty of Christmas markets and activities for kids.

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Latitude: 57.251346

More information about Lønstrup can be found at Destination Nordvestkysten.