Stenbjerg Landingsplads
Stenbjerg Landingsplads

Stenbjerg Inn and Beach Hotel

The clear sky of Thy, the wind and the beautiful landscape is the perfect backdrop for Stenbjerg Inn and Beach Hotel.


The local couple Henny and Henrik Mortensen run Stenbjerg Inn and Beach hotel, and have done so for the past 25 years when the menu looked completely different than today. But after the National Park Thy has been established things slowly began to change. Known cooks came and cooked food from the local ingredients which inspired the couple to consider new paths and to start a crazy development. 

The National Park Thy has given us the boost we needed. If you do the same thing 20 years in a row, you will end being annoyed of cooking the same veal. Now we are slowly changing into selling more and more local delicacies.

Thy Platte fra Stenbjerg Kro og Badehotel

The food is a good story

For Henny it is important that the ingredients in the food are sourced locally. It makes the food experience more special for everyone who wants a taste of Thy.

Customers expect me to tell the story of the ingredients. And I simply cannot tell a story about random roasted pork. It is funnier and easier to talk about something I know.

Natures treasure trove

The restaurant offers dishes based on  the nature that lives and grows by the North Sea and in the National Park - from its own herb garden to the area's natural supply of berries and fruits, fish landed by local fishermen and wild clams, to the area's forest - all with respect and consideration for the environment and animal welfare. At the Stenbjerg Inn & Beach Hotel they have the philosophy to use only what can be found local, it is only about being a bit creative.

Køer i Nationalpark Thy
Nationalpark Thy

Henny tells

"We are serving our homemade crispbread as a part of our Nationalparkplatte, which is our specialty. The platter depends on the seasons and is only made by things you can find in this area. The herrings for instance are fished either here in the region or in Vorupør. We vary the content during the season but fish, lamb and game and some cheese are always part of the platter. The crispbread we are serving is made of buckthorn. At first we produce jelly of the buckthorn, then we are cooking the juice and afterwards we dry the last grains and berries which we will put in the crispbread. You cannot only take the best and throw the rest away - that is what my mum taugth me. The platter means a lot for me. Because it tells about everything you can find in this region."

About Stenbjerg Inn & Beach Hotel

Stenbjerg Inn & Beach Hotel has existed for 225 years. Apart from the Nationalparkplatte you can find more delicious local meals in the menu. There is also the possibility to buy the homemade specialties and take them home. Stenbjerg Inn & Beach Hotel gets the ingredients among others from Vorupør butcher and Thy Lamb.

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Longitude: 8.3652339

Latitude: 56.918166

Opening hours:

18th of March - 31st of October: at 12.00-21.00 (kitchen closes one hour earlier)

Rest of the year: Friday and Saturday from 12.00-20.00 and Sunday from 12.00-16.00

Closed in January and February, but open for parties and the like

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