Telt i Nationalpark Thy

Spend the night under the stars

Photo: Ruslan Merzlyakov

In North Jutland, the sky is a little bit bigger and the nature a bit more spectacular. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves or birds chirping in the woods. Enjoy it all while sleeping under the stars in your own shelter or tent.

A selection of shelters in North Jutland

The Floating Shelter in Hobro

Do you want to spend a night on rolling water and wake up in the most beautiful surroundings? On Mariager Fjord you can spend a night (or more) in a floating shelter. The shelter is located just a few meters from the coastline in Hobro , and is perfect for those who love kayaking and c...

Shelters by Mosskov Pavillonen

This primitive campsite consists of 10 shelthers, each with room for about four people. The shelters cannot be booked – first come, first served - but it is rare that every shelter is occupied. You can find toilet and bonfire place here, but you have to bring your own firewood or charco...

Shelter Rendborg Hede Nielstrup/Frederikshavn

Lige i kanten af mosen ligger dette fantastiske shelter, med et lille hyggeligt toilet. Et besøg værd! Mulighed for gåtur til fugletårn midt i området. Derudover er der også mulighed for indhegning til heste. Arealet ligger lige op til "Grøn Tur", som er en ca. 60 km lang rute, der egne...

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If you want to sleep in the heart of nature, feel the fresh morning breeze on your skin and the grass between your toes, then North Jutland is the right place for you.

If you relish the simpler life outdoors you will have no trouble in Denmark, as there are almost 800 nature campgrounds.

The Danish shelter and tent sites are for all to use, but be advised that cars, caravans, trailers, and motorbikes are not allowed on the campgrounds.

The sites are scarcely furnished, but most offer campfire area and access to toilets nearby. A lot of the campgrounds also offer shelters, where you can stay the night without the need for a tent. The price for a night is fluctuating but with a max of 25 DKK per person. Payment methods differ, so it is best to read up on your specific campground before you go or call in advance to hear about availability, as they may be crowded during the summer season.

Primitive tentsite near Bindslev

Spend time in the nature and spend the night in shelters near the fish-stair in Bindslev and Bindslev Gl. Elværk (Old power company). Wake up to the m...

Uggerby Å ved Mosbjerg - Naturlejrplads

Naturlejrplads Uggerby Å ved Mosbjerg, Hjørring  Telt- og shelterplads med muldttoilet.

Esther Kjeldgaard - Tentsites

Beautiful and serene meadow with a nice view. Shelter and fireplace. Firewood can be assigned. Access to lake and a little wood. About 9 km south of N...

Shelters in Astrup

The camp is situated in a very hilly terrain close to the protected manor of Baggesvogn.

List of public campgrounds
The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food Nature Agency keeps an updated list and an interactive map of all public campgrounds. Find information about the size of the campground, the availability, the on-site utilities and more.