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Telt under stjernehimmel i Nationalpark Thy

Spend a night under the stars

Photo: Ruslan Merzlyakov

In North Jutland, the sky is a little bit bigger and the nature a bit more spectacular. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves or birds chirping in the woods. Enjoy it all while sleeping under the stars in your own shelter or tent.

Shelters and nature campsites in North Jutland

Spend the night side by side with nature. Feel the wind in your hair and the grass under your feet. You will find many beautiful shelters and nature campsites for overnight stays under the stars.

Local Shelters & Campsites

If you relish the simpler outdoor life you will have no trouble in North Jutland, as there are several nature campgrounds and spots to stay. The shelter and tent sites in northern Jutland are for all to use but be advised that cars, caravans, trailers, and motorbikes are not allowed on the campgrounds.

The sites are scarcely furnished, but most offer a campfire area and access to nearby toilets. A lot of the campsites also offer shelters, where you can stay the night without the need for a tent. The price for a night variates but with a max of 25 DKK per person. Payment methods differ, so it is best to study your specific and chosen campgrounds before you go. If possible call in advance to hear about availability, as the sites may be crowded during the summer season.

Telt og campingtur
Et nyt Kapitel

List of public campgrounds

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food Nature Agency keeps an updated list and an interactive map of all public campgrounds. Find information about the size of the campground, the availability, the on-site utilities and more.


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