Ruths Hotel

Ruths Hotel

Photo: VNJ

Between the iconic yellow houses of Skagen lies Ruths Hotel. The hotel is located in Gammel (old) Skagen close to beautiful nature and the spectacular view of the two oceans meeting and the very top of Denmark, Grenen. Enjoy a luxury stay at Ruths Hotel.


The fusion of nature, culture, and history is intense at Ruths Hotel, while the hotel itself is an extraordinary experience, the restaurant can offer something amazing. The gastronomy, service, and atmosphere are something of its own, which allows you to enjoy your stay. For the curious staying at Ruths Hotel, you can experience the transformation from a small guest house to a now 5-star historic beach hotel with exclusive gourmet experiences and wellness for all guests to enjoy. Ruths Hotel is located on the edge of Gammel Skagen and right by the beach, surrounded by the fresh breeze of Northern Jutland.

Let your taste buds rejoice in the culinary experiences at Ruths Gourmet restaurant. The menu is made up of some of Northern Jutland’s most fresh ingredients and it is sure to surprise your taste buds and give you an exclusive sense of wellness. Besides the Gourmet Restaurant, the hotel also offers a little taste of France in its Brasserie. Ruths Brasserie offers an authentic French atmosphere in the northernmost part of Denmark. Here you will find an a la carte menu with classic and modern delicacies.

More than just a Beach Hotel

At Ruths Hotel you can connect business and pleasure, as the hotel offers facilities for conferences and meetings. Ruths Hotel also provides room for bigger events such as weddings.