Anretning på Rold Storkro

Restaurant Rold Storkro

Photo: VNJ

Right on the edge of the forest of Rold, you will find the restaurant, Rold Storkro. For 60 years visitors have travelled from near and far to taste the delicacy of this restaurant: red deer.

Rold StorKro is a place of tradtition. It opened in 1958 and the building has been extended several times over the years. The speciality of the inn is venison, but you can also enjoy a meal of fish, poultry and a big steak. Rold Storkro is amongst others using Krastrupsøgaard and Bundgaardens Økologi as suppliers.

Visitors often return to the inn, and they gladly bring the entire family. In the kitchen they also take care of traditions. Red deer is always on the menu and professionalism is paramount.

Our kitchen philosophy is a mix of French and Danish. There is nothing about North Jutland in it, smiles chef Kristian Bunder. But we would like to make dishes with different cuts with lots of flavor. This allows us to use our craft.

Fresh produce 

For Kristian it is important to only use freshly produced and ingredients of high quality. If they can be locally sourced then its better than perfect. "We want to have as many local ingredients as possible. And then they have to be fresh and tasty. If we have the opportunity for it, we will go out in the morning to harvest them. Nothing is more useless than something that has been laying around for 3-4 days. Because nothing is worse than a limp carrot.", tells Kristian.


The story of the food

It is really important for the chefs to have locally sourced products and meat because it gives the dish a story to tell the customers. "We prefer fish and meat from Denmark if it is possible. A part of our meat is produced by Krastrupsøgaard which is only 20km away from here. Then it is great to go to the guests and tell them where we got our meat from and that it is local. I like that the food is also telling a good story that way.", finishes Kristian.

Kristians red deer

"Red deer is our signature here at Rold Storkro. People are coming through the whole year to eat it. We vary the side dishes during the season. The meal means something for me because most of the ingredients are local. The meat for instance is rolled into mushrooms which are from the forest right outside. We picked them ourselves and it means something for me that we are not simply buying them. Moreover, our cream-game sauce is made after a recipe which we had used for many, many years.", says Kristian.