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Inns in North Jutland

Photo: Hans Ravn

Enjoy your vacation at one of the many idyllic inns across North Jutland. You will experience the local tradition and charm of these historical inns and the local food is an adventure for your senses.

Some of the inns you will find in the small towns in northern Jutland, but most of them are located in the countryside, placed in the middle of the scenic nature. Some inns are located near beach towns or harbors and are locally referred to as “Færgekro” (Ferry Inn). You can find the inns along the roads in northern Jutland. The gardens are beautiful masterpieces with cozy nooks and corners where you can enjoy an afternoon tea or a local beer. Indoor the low ceiling frames the cozy dining rooms, the flowers in the windows will give you a homey feel and vibe, and the smell of burning wood in the fireplace is sure to give you an extraordinary feeling and experience.

Stay at an inn in North Jutland

Most inns in Northern Jutland offer accommodation for overnight guests. There are two ways to enjoy your inn holiday. Stay in one place, get to know the local area, and spend some time relaxing your mind and body. Otherwise, you can switch around between different inns and explore as much of the region as possible. It all is up to you and your need to explore.

At most North Jutland inns, you will find delicious food made from local ingredients. If you are looking for regional dishes or the typical Danish cuisine, then it is still the inns where you will find this.

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