Inns in North Jutland

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Enjoy your vacation at one of the many idyllic inns spread across North Jutland. Here you will experience the tradition and charm of these historical inns and the food is an adventure for the senses.

Some of the inns you will find in the small towns of North Jutland, but most of them are located out in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature. Some of the inns are located near bodies of water and are referred to as “Færgekro” (Ferry Inn). By the roadside you can find the, sometimes several, hundred-year-old inns with thatched roofs and half-timbered walls. The gardens are beautiful masterpieces with cozy nooks and corners where you can enjoy an afternoon tea or a local beer. Indoor the low ceiling frames the cozy dining room, flowers in the windows give a homey feel, and the smell of burning wood in the fireplace is sure to make your sense go a trip.

Explore the beautiful inns

Hvalpsund Færgekro Inn

Hvalpsund Færgekro Inn, which lies as a gem in the scenic nature right up against the Limfjord, is known for its great gastronomy.   The inn has c...


Strandingskroen was bought in 2019 by Strandhotellet Blokhus. Every Tuesday, fried pork and parsley sauce are served, remember to book a table. The...

Restaurant Rold Storkro

Right on the edge of the forest of Rold , you will find the restaurant, Rold Storkro. For 60 years visitors have travelled from near and far to taste...

Stenbjerg Inn and Beach Hotel

The clear sky of Thy , the wind and the beautiful landscape is the perfect backdrop for Stenbjerg Inn and Beach Hotel.

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Most inns in Northern Jutland offer accommodation for overnight guests. There are two ways to enjoy your inn holiday, stay in one place and get to know the locals and relax, or you can move around to different inns and explore as much as possible in North Jutland, it is up to you.

Hjørring Kro

At the Inn you can enjoy dinning at a reputable and divers ala carte restaurant with delicious lunch and dinner dishes. The Inn has 23 modern rooms. All with bathrooms, 16 channels free of charge and free Wi-Fi. The Inn is located in Hjørring, just off the freeway exit 4, Hjørring syd. Par...

Klitmøller gl. Kro & Badehotel

Hotel in Klitmøller.

St. Binderup Kro

The history of St. Binderup Kro can be dated back to the year 1617, and it received Royal privileges from King Frederik V in 1749. After a gentle but thorough restoration and extension, the inn has become one of Denmark’s most modern inns with a spirit of its own. The inn is equipped...