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Værelse på Blokhus Strandhotel

Hotels in North Jutland

Photo: Flying October

Experience some of the most beautiful hotels in North Jutland. Spend your nights in amazing surroundings in nature or visit one of the many charming towns around northern Jutland.

The wonderful hotels

In North Jutland, you will find a large selection of different hotels, and you can certainly find one that suits your needs and dreams. You can experience hotels that also focus on gastronomic experiences, unique hotels where you sleep in the treetops, and hotels perfect for families with children who want to be sure of facilities for the whole family. It all depends on what you need?

Gastronomy & Wellness

In North Jutland, you will find both hotels and restaurants, where you have the opportunity to have a gastronomic experience beyond the usual. After a great lunch or dinner be sure to refuel your batteries. You can, for example, visit one of the many wellness centers. Here you can pull the plug completely and feel how it is to be completely relaxed.

Hotel Nor fiskeanretning

Northern Jutland

Photo: Nordvestkysten
Skallerup Seaside Resort Romulus behandling

Northern Jutland

Photo: Skallerup Seaside Resort
North Shore Surf Løkken familie
Outdoor activities
kvinde i bramslev bakker
Nature in North Jutland
Løkken Strand
Romantic places in North Jutland

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