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Hostels and private accommodations

Photo: Niclas Jessen

If you want to get close to the locals and other travellers, North Jutland has lots of opportunities for hostels and private accommodations. Read more about both options in this section.

Private accommodation in North Jutland

Private accommodation is the perfect choice for those who love a personal touch on their vacation. More and more families around North Jutland are opening their doors to visitors from all over the world. 

Private rooms are a cheaper alternative to hotels, and they bring you closer to the locals and their everyday lives.


Many families are renting out one or more rooms in their private home, for tourists to stay in. The rooms are a nice alternative to conventional accommodations, as it is often cheaper. The rooms are all furnished to show off individual charm, and it gives the homey feel you won’t find anywhere else. Some accommodations give access to the garden or a private balcony, a nice place to enjoy the morning coffee. Some of the private accommodations in North Jutland offers breakfast if ordered in advance.

I love to experience the culture up close and personal, that is why we always stay with locals when we travel around the world and North Jutland

Along the roads of North Jutland, you will find the typical signs advertising "Værelser - Zimmer - Room", which means a local family offers their private homes for you to stay in. If you are lucky you can walk up and knock on the front door, and they will have a room for you on the spot. Other places you may have to agree on a date in advance, especially during the summer season.

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Photo: Claes Bech-Poulsen

Hostels in North Jutland

The hostels of North Jutland are an offer for all, no matter how you like to travel. The atmosphere at hostels are often cosy and homey, as the guests form a community while staying there. The shared living spaces are the perfect place to meet new and interesting people from all over the world. When you decide to go to a hostel remember to pack your open mind and the desire to meet and live close to other people. 


The hostels in North Jutland are making their guest feel as cosy as possible, it should be like being at home with a relaxed atmosphere. Hostels are about being social with other travellers, the shared living spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, recreational areas and more are all supposed to create a bond between visitors. 

Sleeping bag or linen?
Linens, including sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover, towels, etc. are available to rent for a small fee at most hostels, but you can bring your own from home. Do not bring your sleeping bag, as it is not allowed to sleep in it in a hostel.

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