Familiehygge på camping

Camping in North Jutland

Camping in North Jutland gets you closer to nature with your family and friends. Enjoy many of the top-rated activities and the magnificent nature. 


North Jutland is a popular camping destination and camping gives you the opportunity for an impulsive holiday, you decide where and when to go. The north of Denmark offers many different types of campsites, many of them are located close to the attractions and the beautiful nature North Jutland has to offer. You can choose between campsites with full utility, pool, and mini-golf or you can go wilderness camping in one of the many nature camping grounds located all over the region. Camping is whatever you want it to be and North Jutland can accommodate all your wishes, whether it is camping by the sea, in the woods or near the city.

During the season many of the Danish campsites offer different activities for you and your family. Design your very own type of holiday with activities such as bike rentals, water activities, golf, fishing, wellness, and hiking. It is also possible to camp in some holiday resorts where all utilities and activities are close to home. In the resorts, you do not need to worry about the weather as they offer indoor and outdoor activities. The children can find new playmates on the playground or in the pool, as the essence of camping is community and "hygge" (Danish word: the feeling of being cosy). A lot of the campsites in North Jutland also offer the possibility to rent caravans, luxury caravans and cottages with all necessary equipment included. 

North Jutland offers outdoor experiences and many amazing memories awaits you.

In most campsites, you can camp all year round, be aware that some sites may require registration in advance. In Denmark we do not have "everyman's right", which means it is not allowed to camp anywhere you please, you may only camp in official campsites and campgrounds. This also applies to all Danish beaches. Long-term parking for caravans and trailers may only happen at sites designed for it. Denmark offers over 900 nature campsites; here it is either free to camp or you need to pay a very small fee. On these sites, you can raise a tent, though no cars, caravans, trailers, motorbikes or scooters are allowed in the area.

Camping Cards

To access certain Danish campsites, you need a valid camping card (campingpas), known as the Camping Key Europe. This is the international card for campers, and it gives you access to some campsites that are members of camping associations in Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Consumer Organization ANWB of Holland and ADAC from Germany.

Camping Key Europe

The Camping Key Europe functions as legitimation for you and your household all over Europe. Find the App, My Key Camping, to make it all easier. Read more about the Camping card here.