Udsigt ned over fjorden på Himmerlands Vestkyst

The Nature in North Jutland

Skagen Strand udsigt

Magical nature

In North Jutland, there is plenty of nature to explore, and you will find many nature experiences which will take you on a trip through time. Explore the hills in Rebild Bakker, formed by the ice age, find fossils at Hanklit on the island of Mors, spot the moose in Lille Vildmose or the birds in Råbjerg Mose and in Bulbjerg. Take a trip to the last wilderness of Denmark - Thy National Park or to the nature center Vejlerne ved Han Herred.

Breakaway from everyday life and find peace in the nature of North Jutland. From the roaring sea in the west to the calm forests and shallow waters in the east. Go explore Rold Skov and see the over 300-year-old beech trees.

Rubjerg Knude fyr i klitlandskabet
Rubjerg Knude Fyr

Lighthouses of North Jutland

Lodbjerg Fyr i Nationalpark Thy ved solnedgang
Nationalpark Thy

Explore the beautiful nature

Limfjorden med båd

Islands and Fjords in North Jutland

Køer i Nationalpark Thy
Nationalpark Thy

Animal encounters

North Shore Surf Løkken familie

Active holidaying

Lodbjerg Fyr i Nationalpark Thy ved solnedgang
Nationalpark Thy

The beautiful nature of North Jutland