Aalborg havnefront med utzon center
Aalborg Havnefront


Welcome to the cultural little big city of Aalborg - a multifaceted hub for beautiful architecture, gastronomic surprises and attractive shopping opportunities.

Right by the Limfjord, you will find Aalborg, the little big city which has been recognized by the New York Times. Back in the days, Aalborg was mostly known as an industrial town by the Limfjord, and for the iconic Aalborg Tower erected in 1933. Today you will find the city completely changed from its past, into a flourishing cultural and information hub.

Udsigt over Mølleparken med kunsten og Aalborgtårnet

Explore the Paris of Scandinavia

Nothing beats reality and maybe it is time to realise that you should visit Aalborg and all of its delightful attractions. Treat the family, your significant other or yourself with a holiday to the spectacular city of Aalborg. Experience the amazing culture and shopping districts, spoil your tastebuds with a visit to an award-winning restaurant or enjoy the amazing architecture of the city. Aalborg city displays all of the characteristics of a cultural buffet; cosy streets full of street art, charming old houses, award-winning architecture and gastronomic pearls to please your taste buds. If you enjoy the spell-binding theatre or wonderful concerts, then Aalborg is the ideal place for you to explore. Or if you want to go shopping then you can explore here which shopping possibilities there are in Aalborg.

Hjelmerstad i Aalborg

The Cultural Hub of North Jutland

Aalborg city displays all of the characteristics of a cultural buffet; cosy streets full of street art, charming old houses, award-winning architecture and gastronomic gems to spoil your taste buds. Walk along the Aalborg waterfront and take in the architectural wonders of the Utzon Center, Nordkraft and The House of Music. Aalborg is the perfect place to experience big city vibes in a smaller city, where there are short distances between each new experience. In the thriving city, you will encounter a welcoming atmosphere, so let your cultural sense loose and take a walk by the waterfront with the architectural gems and feel the wind blowing through your hair.

Spoil your tastebuds

In the capital of North Jutland, you won't go home with an empty stomach. Aalborg offers spectacular treats for your tastebuds. Explore the C.W. Obel's square, which offers an amazing café environment, cafés such as Café Vi2 and Søgaards Brewery welcomes you to a relaxing lunch, at the latter you can try their home-brewed beer. If you have a hard time deciding what type of food you want, Asian, American, Italian etc. go visit the Lighthouse - Aalborg Streetfood, where even the pickiest eater can find something. The Lighthouse is located right by Aalborg marina, and here you can enjoy your food right by the water with some special maritime atmosphere.

In Aalborg, you will find some of North Jutland's best restaurants according to the White Guide. Aalborg has 8 restaurants on the list, such as Restaurant Fusion right by the water, Restaurant Tabu, Textur and Mortens Kro (Inn), these are among the best in Aalborg. Find all restaurants in Aalborg.

Lækker rejemad serveret med grønt

Let's eat Nordjylland

Events in Aalborg

Aalborg is the capital of culture in North Jutland, and the city has plenty of events all year round. One of the many recurring events in the city is Aalborg Carnival; Europe's largest folk carnival parade. For an entire week, Aalborg is in party mode and celebrates the Star Parade, the Battle of Carnival Bands and the Children's Carnival, before it all culminates Saturday, where everyone can join the Main Parade. The streets are filled with happy, dressed up people, and it is definitely an event you cannot afford to miss.

If you have children with you, then Aalborg Zoo is also worth a visit. Here you can experience wonderful animals in natural and cozy surroundings. If you are interested in art you may not miss Kunsten, North Jutlands biggest artmuseum, which reopened in 2016 after extensive renovations. Close to the city centre of Aalborg you find Vestre Fjordpark where you have the possibility for swimming, canoeing and kayaking, surfing, winterbathing or simply enjoying the sun and the beautiful nature at the fjord.

Udklædte til Aalborg Karneval spiller på trommer

Explore the events in Aalborg

For more information and questions about Aalborg, contact the local tourist office.

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