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The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

Mors is an island in the middle of the Limfjord where wonderful holiday experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amazing nature, which allows for an active or relaxing holiday.

Explore Mors

Here is a gem that even the UNESCO World Heritage List has spotted, namely Hanklit. Here you can feel the buzz of history, and if you are lucky get a glimpse of the petrified animals and plants, which are more than 55 million years old and can be found in the MoClay. The 61-meter-high Hanklit is Mors' most famous MoClay dune, which is marked by the events that happened through time with dark bands of volcanic ash, which show the island's dramatic history. Unleash your curiosity and take a ride on the Limfjord bus, which brings you from Nykøbing Mors, Fur, and Livø.

In August, on a warm summer day, you can experience Morsø Festival, which brings concerts for the adults and fun for the youngest ones. Here, Kulturmødet (Culture Meeting) also connects the city through art, film, performing arts, and music. Here you can explore all events at Mors.

At Mors, there is room for both large and small, and you can relax in unique surroundings and enjoy your time.

Denmarks Seafood Capital

Mors is the place where the Oyster and Mussel premiere is held in October, here you can experience the maritime atmosphere and give your taste buds an experience beyond the usual. The ingredients are fresh and prepared by skilled gourmet chefs, who together with festive elements form the framework for the celebration of the season's first Limfjord oysters.
Also, experience the festive atmosphere that the Shellfish Festival brings when you can taste the Limfjord on the first weekend in June. Here, Nykøbing will smell and taste of the salty nuances of the Limfjord. If you listen carefully, you will also be able to feel how the maritime atmosphere takes over the whole city. Explore the variety of fresh ingredients directly from the fjord, explore the sizzling pans with fresh fish cakes, or the scent of pots with oysters.

Enjoy the local organic cheese, taste locally caught Limfjord oysters while enjoying the view of the Limfjord. Food is about experiences at Mors.

At Mors you will find a lot of lovely eateries where you can satisfy your hunger, whether you need insight into the local dishes or just eat a light lunch.

Activities at Mors

In addition to enjoying the beautiful and magnificent nature of Mors, you can also go on a fossil hunt in the MoClay, get the wind in your hair on a horseback ride along the island's coast or jump aboard a seal safari - the possibilities are many. Enjoy the most beautiful flowers in Jesperhus Holiday Park, which is Northern Europe's largest flower park, where even the smallest can be entertained with a trip to a water park or stimulate their curiosity in the Junglezoo. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Explore all activities and attractions on Mors.

Mors on land and at sea

You can experience many beautiful marinas along Mors' coastline. The idyllic marinas are definitely worth a visit, even if you do not have your own boat. Most marinas also have a cozy kiosk where you can buy delicious ice cream and soak up the sun.

Feel the history

Morsland’s Historical Museum actually covers various sections, e.g. comprising Dueholm MonastryThe Mo-clay Museum, and The Danish Foundry Museum. The museum is open in the summer half-year. Dating back to 1370, the monastery is steeped in history: It was originally the abode of the Johannite monastic order and later, for about 350 years, it housed various dwellers until, in 1909, the monastery was purchased and renovated by Morsland’s Historical Museum. The Mo-clay Museum, for instance, displays fabulous fossils found on Mors.

Sleep well at Mors

At Mors, you will find a wealth of accommodation options, including campsites, hotels, or holiday homes. You can also stay overnight in Jesperhus Holiday Park, Steenberg Hotel, Dragstrup Camping.

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