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Wellness treatments

The many spa and wellness treatments on offer are to every taste and financial capability. Here ancient therapies and techniques are combined in ultra-modern facilities. Here, you can read about a few of the therapies within wellness to be found around North Jutland.

Body treatments

Any kind of massage will provide relaxation, relief and a sense of well-being. Massage is a therapeutic treatment of muscles and the soft tissue of the body. It helps to remove tension in sore and hard muscles and, also, improves blood circulation.

Classic massage

The classic massage is the most widespread therapy in the western hemisphere. It is in-depth massage, treating sore joints and muscles. The man behind the classic massage approach is believed to be the Swede, Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839).

Massage for your well-being

Though having the same effect as classic massage, this massage approach uses essential oils, massaged into the body.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a massage therapy using heated lava stone. This gives an intense and pleasant in-depth warmth which has an incredible relaxing effect on your body.

Foot massage

Foot massage can either enter as an element in the general body massage or it can be given as a kind of zone therapy. Foot massage has a relaxing effect, it provides energy and well-being, and – further – it helps to give balance of both mind and body. Foot massage leaves a pleasant feeling – not just as regards the feet, but in the entire body.

Aroma therapy

Massage of the body, with essential oils being added to the massage oil. You can choose your essential oils subject to either their aroma or their various properties. Thus lavender will have a calming and stimulating effect.

Algae wraps

Algae wraps will have an invigorating as well as cleansing effect on your skin. Moreover, the algae counteract cellulite formation. This is because the algae contain large amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals which will contribute to revive, moisturize and nourish the skin. At first, your body will be dry-brushed. Then algae mash will be rubbed into your skin, whereupon you will be wrapped in a heating blanket. Finally, the algae mash will be rinsed off, and a moisturizing cream is rubbed into the body.

Clay wraps

Clay wraps have a peeling and moisturizing effect. Due to its high content of minerals, clay is excellent for dry skin, sore muscles, stiff joints and poor blood circulation.

Body scrubs

Body scrubs remove dead skin cells and leave a soft and pliable skin. Also, body scrubs will increase blood circulation. Some wellness providers offer different approaches within body scrub from which to choose.


Facials and scalp massage

This massage has a de-stressing effect, and it has a meditative and calming influence on the busy thinking of the mind and a stressful daily life. Facial and scalp massage deal with the often tense areas around neck, jaw, cheekbone, eyes and scalp. Such massage alleviates tense muscles, removes tiredness and provides radiance and new vitality.

Algae masks

An algae mask will deep-cleanse and strengthen your skin, as algae contain both proteins, vitamins and minerals which – together – will refresh and provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. In general facial masks mean pure pampering of your skin, as the removal of dead skin cells makes your skin less susceptible to aging and impurities and thus invigorates your skin.

Other therapy forms

Steam bath

A steam bath will warm up all muscles and make you more relaxed. Many wellness providers offer steam baths of various aromas.


Manicure is beauty care focused on hands and nails. A manicure treatment comprises nail filing, removal of calluses and a polishing of your nails.


Pedicures focus on the removal of callused skin on your feet. Your toe nails will be filed and polished. A pedicure from time to time may prevent nail infection.

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