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Vrejlev Church

Originally Vrejlev Church was built in 1160 but shortly after, in 1200, the church burned down. It was rebuilt along with the nunnery – Vrejlev Monastery. The church tower is approximately from the middle of the 1400’s while the bell is from the end of the 15th century. The altarpiece is from 1604, and is a so-called catechism altarpiece.

The pulpit and baptismal font was given to the church by Ida Gøje, who owned the monastery from 1637-1654. In the church you can see the old “Holstein-Juelske” tomb, with six caskets and much more.

The church underwent renovations in 2008. It is possible to find more information in the church.

Vrejlev Church is on of many roadside churches and other open churches in Denmark. 

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Vrejlev Kirkevænge 3
9760 Vrå


+45 98 98 83 60


  • Access

    • By appointment only



Longitude : 10.0513404
Latitude : 57.3662357