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UGE33 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Every year in week 33 the crafts and art exhibition ”UGE33” comes to ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ in Hobro. The exhibition comes every year and 2018 was the 15th time.

Both local artists and artist from around Denmark comes together in the rustic and cozy compartment in ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ by the harbor in Hobro to show their crafts and arts the entire week.

The exhibition is free to see, and every year it attracts many guests from both the local area, the rest of Denmark and some from other countries as well.

Something for Everyone

“UGE33” has something for everyone. The more than 30 artists show their creations in different genres and materials, such as sculptures, jewelry, glass, clothing and much more.

Sailing and Music – Wednesday Night

Over the years, it has become sort of a tradition, that the exhibition is open all day during Wednesday. Here a little extra is added, such as music, stories from some of the artists and the opportunity to sail woth the wooden ship ‘Valkyrien’.  

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9500 Hobro


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  • Art form

    • Leather work
    • Paintings
    • Sculpture
    • Textile art
    • Wickerwork
    • Woodwork
    • Pottery
    • Industrial design
    • Wickerwork
    • Jewellery making
    • Art gallery



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