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Bring the dog with you on holiday

Renting a summer house or holiday home is about as close as you can get to actually “living” in North Jutland. You have a whole house at your disposal, do your shopping locally, perhaps stop at the local farm shop to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, pick up freshly caught fish at the harbour, spend time with your loved ones and chitchatting with your neighbor.

Moreover, a summer house is the perfect place to spend your holiday if you wish to take your dog with you. There is plenty of space, perhaps a fenced garden or a dog run, and you will not annoy others who may not love dogs quite as much as you do. Bring your dog's own basket and blanket and remember food, bowls and toys, and your dog will really feel at home.

There are lots of summer house for rent in North Jutland and on the majority of websites you can search for houses where it is possible to bring your dog with you. Prices vary from very cheap homes to extravagant residences, so there is something to suit all tastes. Generally speaking, it costs a little more to bring your dog due to the extra expense of cleaning.

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