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Summer houses

If you spend your holiday in a summer house, it is probably the closest you will come to staying "privately" in North Jutland. Enjoy being your own boss, shopping in the local stores (opening hours are very flexible in the summer time), stopping by the farm for fresh produce, picking up fresh fish at the harbour, relaxing with family and friends, having a chat with the locals - in short, a holiday where you set the pace.

With a coastline stretching over more than 1450 kilometres, North Jutland is one of the leading areas for beautiful, comfortable and luxurious holiday houses. Most cottages are well-equipped with indoor swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools and fireplaces and are located within a short distance to the most wonderful sandy beaches.

Summer houses in North Jutland are available all year round and ideal for summer, Christmas and Easter holidays. The majority of houses are situated in beautiful scenic regions by the sea, and many properties can accommodate several families on holiday together. In most cases you are also allowed to bring your dog if you prefer to have it with you.

The Danes themselves are keen to spend holidays in their own summer house and there are no fewer than 200,000 of such houses in private ownership. Around 40,000 of these houses are lent out to tourists.

When it comes to choosing the area, you should not have problems finding a perfect spot in North Jutland. Skagen is an obvious choice for many - the charming atmosphere in the cobblestoned streets, lined with the typical yellow classic houses, forms the perfect settings for a lovely holiday. The special and idyllic landscape in Tversted or the charming village Løkken are also popular destinations. All along both the West and the East Coast you will find small idyllic villages and cottage areas to choose from and no matter which area you choose, you are never far from the beaches and the wealth of activities in, for example, Aalborg or Skagen.

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