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Røverknolden Playground by the Forest of Rold

At ’Røverknolden’ you have the chance to get a lot of fun experiences, explore ”The Big World” – a sensory path where you can experience the animals and mushrooms of the forest or play on the many instruments in the Musical Outdoor Space.

Røverknolden natural playground is a big playground full of good experiences.

200 meters from the parking lot in Rebild you will find the playground, which as first sight might not seem that big. The playground contains a slide, a climbing course, cable car, campfire, tables and benches – also covered ones in case of rain. You are more than welcome to light a fire – the playground has dry wood, saw and sawhorse.

Along with the playground you can also find the sensory path which is in a big area around the playground. Here you can find different types of mushrooms in different colors. The trees are shaped as trolls, with eyes and long, red noses, and some of the trees are decorated with home knitted wear. Along the path you will find big stones, some of which will be painted or chopped so witches, trolls and elves are created. All in all a walk filled with experiences and impressions!

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Rebildvej 2
9520 Skørping



Longitude : 9.85753852
Latitude : 56.83671366