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Skallerup Seaside Resort

In a safe setting and surrounded by amazing nature, Skallerup Seaside Resort will create all kinds of opportunities for you and your children.

Planning, logistics and a little bit of chaos. Despite of the best intentions, family holidays can often end up like this - and would it not be fair to say that we experience enough chaos in our everyday lives?

Fast-forward to a typical day at Skallerup Seaside Resort: the smaller children are running around in the large funpark while their elder siblings start baking cookies in the kitchen. The little brother soon becomes busy printing photos in the workshop, while the youngest squeals with delight about the mascot of the resort, the turtle Skalle.

Mum and dad can also participate in the fun, without having to look over their shoulder constantly as the children are playing in a safe setting. Meanwhile, there is time for the adults to make glass art, brew brandy or team up with their children to make the very best sweets. 

A holiday resort build for making memories

Skallerup Seaside Resort is not just your regular holiday resort; instead it offers relaxation for the whole family, in a calm setting. You will experience a unique atmosphere, only found in the Northern part of Jutland, where people are welcoming and exhibit a warmth that makes one feel at home. A guest recently said: "It is not just a rumour - it really is true what they say about the North Jutland atmosphere!"

The feeling of relaxation will flow through your body while you are walking in the dunes with the wind in your face, returning to your cosy holiday home which has both sauna, spa and a wood-burning stove. Leave your work e-mails behind and swing by Skallerup’s very own farm, where your kids can learn about the animals, see where the food comes from and pet, feed and even ride horses. Nearby, you will find Emil’s carving cabin, where the craftsman Woodpek shows the children how to make cutlery from wood, and thereby, keep an ancient tradition alive.

Genuine ancient bathing culture

Back at the resort, the aquapark, the jungle path and the bowling alley awaits you. You can visit the play centre where both adults and children can have fun or you can choose to have a child-free evening at the exclusive Roman bath, Romulus, where the sense of an ancient bathing culture exists. Here, the rooms are filled with a scent of eucalyptus from the steam baths, creating a warm, soothing atmosphere made for relaxing, with masseurs standing by, making stress and worries go away. And after relaxing in the sauna and the warm thermal baths, you can jump into ice-cold water to be cooled down and feel renewed.

In the evening, you can choose to eat at their quality restaurant, where the kids have their own menu. The brasserie is inspired by the French thoroughness and have Danish ingredients from the surrounding nature. And if you are enjoying the aquapark, you can visit Café Klovn next door, where you can relish in a wonderful brunch. 

Facts about Skallerup Seaside Resort

  1. It was founded in 1946 as a camp for German refugees that came to Denmark after World War II.

  2. The housing consisted of 150 Swedish forester cabins with seaweed in the mattresses and barbed wire around them, so the Germans could not get out – and Danes hostile to Germans could not get in! Today, you can see what this looked like in the resort’s museum, where one half is furnished as a barrack for refugees and the other half is furnished as what a holiday home looked like, back then.

  3. In 1947, a year after the construction, a number of companies purchased half the barracks, renovated them and expanded the resort, which was ready to be inaugurated in 1949. 

  4. Back then, the houses did not have bathing facilities or particularly good insulation, making them best fit for summertime. This has changed, and today they can be used all year round.

  5. In 1995, Skallerup Klit was visited by two German women who had lived at the refugee camp as children. Their story and the stories of other German refugees can be experienced at the holiday resort’s museum.

  6. Until 2013, Skallerup Seaside Resort was called Skallerup Klit, but it later was decided to change the name as the word 'klit' means something entirely different in English, which often resulted in e-mails ending up in spam folders.

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