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Spøttrup borg

Tales from North Jutland

The Gundestrup Cauldron

The Gundestrup Cauldron is a richly-decorated silver vessel, dating back to the Iron Age. It was found in a peat bog near Aars in Denmark, and a fine replica can be seen in the Vesthimmerland Museum in Aars where the assistant curator Bjarne Henning Nielsen tells the fascinating story about this unique silver work.


Ørslev Nunnery

Ørslev Nunnery is 800 years old and the best-preserved nunnery from the Middle Ages in Denmark. Garry Keyes, an archaeologist from Ireland who came to Denmark to marry the administrator of the nunnery, Janne Fruergaard Keyes, tells the story about the nunnery and takes us behind its thick walls. 

The Mo-clay Museum

Moler (mo-clay) is a rare form of clay than can only be found on a large scale on the northern part of the island of Mors and on the island of Fur in the Limfjord -- and nowhere else in the world. Henrik Madsen from the Moler Museum tells about the moler and about the fantastic world of fish, insects, and plants, which could be found here 55 million years ago.

Tales from North Jutland - Limfjordscenteret Doverodde

The Limfjord Centre in the old and well preserved Doverodde Merchant's House is the starting point of Søren Kiel Andersen's tale about the Limfjord and the people, who have lived alongside it from the Stone Age and until now -- and of course about some of the species which live in the fjord.

Tales from North Jutland - Han Herreds Vejler

The bird sanctuary Han Herreds Vejler is one of the most important bird locations in Northern Europe -- and for migratory birds it is no doubt the best "cafeteria" on their "highway" between Northern Scandinavia and Africa. Jørgen Hansen tells about the unique landscape and the enormous amount of birds. 

Tales from North Jutland - Landting Hovedgaard

Landting is an old manor, which has played a part in Danish history for almost 800 years. Martin Daasbjerg tells about the place and about some of its owners. He is the leading person behind the concept "Danish Duck" and runs Denmark's largest organic duck production on the fields of the manor.

Tales from North Jutland - Dueholm Monestary

The harbour is the heart of Nykøbing on the island of Mors. Founded in 1788, it is still a place swarming with life: mussel-fishing boats, large coasters from home and abroad, and lots of skiffs and yachts. Curator Anna Noe Bovin from the Historic Museum in Mors tells the story about the town, its monastery, church and harbour.

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The history of North Jutland

The Vikings, who dominated Scandinavia from the 700s until 1042, were the forebears of the robust, hard-working, seafaring nation of Denmark.

Viking sites in North Jutland

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