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Fishing houses


In Thy you feel the presence of history everywhere when you stand on one of the numerous protected burial mounds. Do not miss Bulbjerg, the only bird fell in Denmark, and Cold Hawaii, the surfers' paradise in Klitmøller. In Hanstholm you will find bunkers from WW II and Østerild is home to the national test centre for big wind turbines - and they really are big...


Obviously, there is also amazing nature to see: experience Denmark's first National Park in Thy. This national park features coastline, dunes, dune moors, dune plantations and large lakes - an absolutely unique setting.


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Experiences in Thy

The bird rocks at Bulbjerg


Klitmøller is also called "Cold Hawaii" and is a true paradise for surfers. Cold Hawaii is Northern Europe's best surf spot and one of the world's best places to windsurf and all year round surfers can experience the ocean.

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