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Thisted is the largest town in Thy with about 13,000 inhabitants. However, the town has kept its ambiance of intimacy that you can feel as you stroll through its many charming narrow streets. Here are nooks and crannies and a whiff of past times with beautiful old buildings as well as modern temptations in the form of a wide and varied choice of large stores, small boutiques, gift shops, cafes and restaurants with something for every taste and pocket.

Things to see and do

All summer the town hums with life and activity; each week there are many arrangements for children, for instance, making boiled sweets, adventure treasure hunt, sailing trips on a wooden ship or with the family on a veteran ferry. Adults can go on a guided tour of Thisted Brewery.

In the center of town is Christiansgave Park, established in 1821. There is an open-air theater that is used for various shows, the Kings Grove with busts of kings standing side by side, the “Ornamental Garden” with olden-day vegetables and edible flowers.

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Events in Thisted

“Thisted by Night” is a bustling event in May with activities, late opening hours, lots of delicious things to eat and a grand firework finale.

Every Friday and Saturday Store Torv (the town square) becomes a lively market place.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Thisted had many dining options, whether you like buzzing cafes, merry inns or lovely restaurants - Thisted has someting for everyone.

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In Thisted you will have plenty of chances to stay overnight in either a beach hotel, holiday cabins or on a camping site.

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