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Billeder fra Skagen, Frederikshavn og Sæby

Visit 3 pearls in Kattegat

The largest number of sunny hours, fabulous light, absolutely unique scenery, plus a wealth of white sandy beaches. Farthest to the north, the North Sea and Kattegat meet and, following the east coast towards the south, you come across 3 pearls, certainly worth a visit. Skagen Skagen hardly needs further introduction. The town where Krøyer painted his famous painting, Hip Hip Hurra, is one of Denmark's most wonderful seaside towns – if not the most wonderful. And, ever since the Skagen painters opened the eyes of the world to the area's quite unique light and beautiful spots, Skagen has been a particularly popular holiday destination. A trip to the place where two seas meet – Grenen – is a must. Neither should you miss out on a freshly caught lunch in one of the iconic fisherman's houses at the harbour. You find the good guide to Skagen on www.skagen-... or visit the Skagen Tourist Bureau's Facebook page. Frederikshavn A bit further down the east coast, you arrive in Frederikshavn. The town boasts a wonderful urban environment, some of the finest restaurants in North Jutland and shopping opportunities to please the entire family. In addition, the town has a knack for organising lots of activities – thus, if you are in town around June, do not miss out on Tordenskioldsdagene – an event held to celebrate and honour the naval hero and former townsman with the byname Tordenskiold. This historical town fête transforms the town into one gigantic theatre with naval battle and hundreds of volunteer performers. Indeed, we should not forget the Palm Beach, a Blue Flag beach which is just perfect for a day on the beach with your family. A guide to more fine experiences in Frederikshavn can be found on www.visitfr... or Frederikshavn Tourist Bureau's Facebook page Sæby Sæby is a small sea port for you who love the smaller urban environments with cobbled streets and small arts-and-crafts shops. Here, you can also enjoy the child-friendly Kattegat beaches. When in Sæby, do not miss out on the Lilliputian Sæby. Recreated by local enthusiasts, this miniature version depicts the town as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Find tips for holidaying in Sæby on www.visitsa... or on The Sæby Tourist Office Facebook page.

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Ikoniske Skagen er Danmarks nordligste by, og turistbyen er kendt i både Danmark i udland for sine unikke naturoplevelser, smagsoplevelser, kunst og kultur - og selvfølgelig det fantastiske lys.


Havnebyen på østkysten byder på masser af historie. Byens historie kan findes i Krudttårnet ved havnen og ved Kystmuseet-Bangsbo Fort, der giver en anden fortælling om byens historie. 


Den nordjyske perle beliggende på østkysten byder på lystbåde, Fruen fra Havet og små hyggelige brostensbelagte gader, der er indbegrebet af dansk købstadsidyl.