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Sæby is the quintessence of Danish borough idyll and is an attractive holiday city with direct access to the broad children friendly beach on the East Coast. Experience an old borough environment with older, well maintained houses, pedestrian street, squares, cobble stoned streets and the old watermill.

Things to see and do

Sæby is a popular holiday destination with a wealth of activities. Here you can stroll through the cozy streets and view the houses and the craftsmen in Algade, who lie side by side with the amber polisher and the glass blower. You can also visit the harbor and the boardwalk with the delicious fish restaurants, or visit the museum, go golfing or enjoy the green forest in the area.

We would like to recommend these attractions: Sæbygård Mansion, Sæby Coastal Museum, The Miniature City of Sæby and Voergård Castle.

Sæbygård Mansion is an old mansion from the Middle Ages, which is today a museum. In July they have special tours for children, since the mansion is both haunted and influenced by old magic.

Sæby Coastal Museum is furnished in a timbered farm, where you can experience the story of the Bishop of Børglum, Stygge Krumpen.

The Miniature City of Sæby is a miniature version of the city's beautiful houses, where volunteers are working in the wood shop.

At Voergård Castle, which is one of Denmark's most beautiful Renaissance buildings, is today furnished as a museum and has one of the country's largest art collections. In the summer time Medieval knights, farmers and shopkeepers visit the castle and creates an experience for both adults and children.

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Events in Sæby

In Sæby there are often guided city walks and amber collection tours in both Danish and German. In September the Day of the Fish is celebrated, where you will find entertainment for the entire family and of course tastings and competitions. At both Sæbygård and Voergård Castle there are plenty of activities in the Christmas season with coziness, stalls and entertainment.

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Restaurants and places to eat

You will find many cozy restaurants and inns in Sæby, which specializes in delicious fish courses. Also visit Frank's Restaurant, which is one of North Jutland's best restaurants.

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If you are spending the night, Sæby has something for every taste, both hotels, bed and breakfasts, camping sites, cabins, hostels and summer houses. If you want to sleep outdoors, there are also nature camp grounds.

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