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Mors - the Pearrl of Limfjorden - 367 square kilometers of vacation experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amaxing nature, which allows for an active holiday.

Mors or Morsø is an island in the inlet of Limfjorden. The bridge Vilsundbroen links it with Thy to the north-west; and, to the south east, Mors is linked with the region of Salling via the bridge Sallingsundbroen. The island’s 151-kilometre shoreline is characterised by the unique moler (mo-clay) slopes, peculiar to Mors. Rising above the sea, they bear witness to the immensely powerful forces behind the formation of the island of Mors as we know it today. The moler has yielded fossilised animals and plants that are more than 55 million years old. The dune, Hanklit, is shortlisted for the UNESCO World Heritage List. For you to truly experience the moler slopes, we suggest that you go by Limfjordsbussen – i.e. the ferry sailing between Nykøbing Mors, Fur and Livø, plus – in the evening – from Sallingsund Færgekro.

Things to see and do

In addition to the magnificent scenery of Mors – where you can go fossil-hunting in the moler, go riding along the shoreline, go sightseeing, or join a seal safari by ferry – a diversity of attractions beckon, among others: Morsland’s Historical Museum at Dueholm MonestaryJesperhus Holiday ParkHanklit and Højriis Castle.

Morsland’s Historical Museum actually covers various sections, e.g. comprising Dueholm MonastryThe Mo-clay Museum and The Danish Foundry Museum. The museum is open in the summer half-year. Dating back to 1370, the monastery is steeped in history: It was originally the abode of the Johannite monastic order and later, for about 350 years, it housed various dwellers until, in 1909, the monastery was purchased and renovated by Morsland’s Historical Museum. The Mo-clay Museum for instance displays fabulous fossils found on Mors.

The holiday park, Jesperhus Feriepark, opened in 1966. It is a family-owned business which originally began as a small flower park. Since then, the park has grown in scope to become the largest flower park in Northern Europe, boasting fabulous flowers. In addition, the park features a bowling centre, water and play worlds, a 4-D cinema and the Jungle zoo. The park is most definitely worth a visit as an entertaining feat for the children.

Hanklit is the most well-know moler formation on Mors. It measures 61 meters in height and its dark bands of volcanic ash bear witness to the dramatic geological history of the island. Here you stand good chances of finding grand fossilized animal and plant life, albeit digging for such relics is not allowed.

Højriis Castle is one of Denmark’s oldest manor houses and, hence, steeped in history. Originally a simple medieval renaissance house, the building underwent major renovation in the19th century. It has been wonderfully restored; and, in this setting, visitors of modern times can participate in a fictitious murder investigation – while the visiting detectives search for clues, a group of actors will make the situation, and the manor house itself, come alive.

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Events on the island of Mors

Events on Mors, organised on a regular basis, are for both young and old. In June, you can e.g. attend the Seafood Festival, where you can sample the delicious specialties and pay a visit to the Nykøbing Mors harbor. In August, the Morsø Festival provides concerts for the adult audience and a play world for the kids. During the Culture Meet event, all the town of Nykøbing Mors is focused on culture, displaying art expressed within pictorial arts, film, dramatic arts and music. In October, the island celebrates the Oyster and Mussel Premiere where you can taste the first Limfjord Oysters of the season.

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Restaurants and places to eat

The Mors food scene abounds in wonderful opportunities for eating out – whether you go for a comprehensive insight into local dishes or just need a bite for lunch. If you lean towards really fine dining, you should try Sallingsund Færgekro in Nykøbing Mors, which is among North Jutland’s finest restaurants.

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With respect to spending the night, Mors provides a wealth of options – especially within camping or holiday cottages. At Jesperhus Feriepark, you can use the camp site or let a holiday cottage or house.

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Jesperhus Feriepark

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Castles and Manor houses

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Nature in North Jutland

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