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Lønstrup is a charming little pearl located about 15 km from Hjørring right at the North Sea. This village boasts with a wide selection of experiences for all of the family. It is, however, best known for its artistic touch, because Lønstrup is a popular holiday venue for artists, craftsmen, actors and composers. The coast road, Strandvejen, in Lønstrup is strewn with glass blowers, potteries, jewelry artists and galleries – all inviting you inside to have a peek into their creative universe, hence the town also goes by the name "Town of the arts".

The village also invites you to relax at the beautiful, calm beach, strewn with white sand. Here, the everyday life worries will drift away on a claud of relaxation, while you enjoy a cooling ice cream from one of the shops nearby or take a refreshing dip in the sea with your family.

Things to do and see

Lønstrup is rich on experiences that will pleasure all of your senses. It is a former fishing hamlet; and, though rough, the landscape surrounding Lønstrup is breathtaking with wonderful beaches and steep sand and clay dunes. Located by the water, a little to the south of Lønstrup, the lighthouse, Rubjerg Knude Fyr, can be found. The historic landmark is a visiting place for tourists as well as locals, who take in the breathtaking view and enjoy the salty winds near or atop the lighthouse. Constructed in 1899, the lighthouse has a long history, which today has left its mark as the 23-meter-tall building is now partly buried in sand. Sadly, it is estimated that the lighthouse will disappear into the sea in about 15-20 years, as every year, the sea eats a couple of meters sand from under Rubjerg Knude Fyr – slowly, but steadily – so don’t miss the opportunity to see it while it is still there!

In the surrounding area of Lønstrup, you will find Skallerup Seaside Resort, providing lots of activities for the youngest tourists, while the golf and fishing opportunities at Vennebjerg Golf & Fiskepark caters to the adult tourist.

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Events in Lønstrup

Lønstrup is a bustling village, especially in the summer, and it provides plenty of opprtunities for a visitor, e.g. glassblowing, guided tours and concerts. The former cinema Den Gamle Biograf is one of the central venues for these experiences, and is worth a visit with its many movies, presentations or art exhibitions.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Whether you are in the mood for fine dining or a café burger in a charming environment – Lønstrup can provide it. Most of the restaurants, cafés, etc. are located by the seafront, so there is ample opportunity for experiencing the impressive views while getting a bite to eat. Here, you e.g. find Restaurant Villa Vest, which is among the finest restaurants in North Jutland.

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There are plenty of opportunities for overnight accommodation near Lønstrup village. There are private B&Bs, camp sites, holiday cottages as well as seaside hotels.

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