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Klitmøller is also called "Cold Hawaii" and is a true paradise for surfers. Cold Hawaii is Northern Europe's best surf spot and one of the world's best places to windsurf and all year round surfers can experience the ocean.

Klitmøller is a North Jutland holiday spot in high demand. It is located 10 km to the south west of Hanstholm and 17 km to the north west of Thisted and framed by Limfjorden to the east, the North Sea to the west, Hanstholm to the north and the canal, Thyborøn Kanal, to the south. Here, you can truly experience the forces of nature at play and witness the amazing forces let loose through the heavy swell of the Atlantic Ocean, driven from Icelandand the Faroe Islandsby the north-westerly winds to finally end up beating against the Danish coast. The wind, the waves and the crude and unspoiled nature constitute the epitome of the urban holiday village of Klitmøller. Located in Thy – The North Sea to one side and Nationalpark Thy to the other – Klitmøller lies in a region crammed with nature. It is a charming small fishing hamlet where, to this date, fish is still landed from the small fishing boats hauled onto the beach. Yet, both village and beach ooze urban charm, not least owing to the esplanades of the sea front and Hummerhuset (The Lobster House), surfers’ stamping ground and club house. Surfing community, urban life style and old fishing traditions blend into a quite unique urban environment, not found anywhere else in Denmark.

Things to see and do

Klitmøller, also known as ”Cold Hawaii”, is a true paradise for surfers and the best surf spot in Northern Europe. It is, in fact, one of the world’s most favorable spots for windsurfing. Hence, surfers can be seen in the waves all year round. You even have rich opportunities for pitting yourself against the waves and dabble with the noble disciplines of surfing at one of the village‘s surf schools.

However, Cold Hawaii  comprises much more than just surfing. How about riding or hiking through Nationalpark Thy? Maybe bolster your courage and try out kayaking? Or perhaps you are more inclined towards enjoying the area’s absolutely unique bird life? In the region of Thy all this and much more is within reach – there are challenges and things to do for both young and old.  Nationalpark Thy is unique Danish nature and an abundance of opportunities for activity as well experience. Here, you can choose from a wealth of outdoor pursuits – such as mountain biking; or ordinary biking following the great cycle tracks through the National Park; you can ride or hike, go sea kayaking or take a wonderful swim in the lakes of either Nors or Vandet – the two most clean lakes in Denmark. You could also try take a game of golf on the course on the outskirts of Klitmøller, encircled by Nationalpark Thy.

Not far from Klitmøller, you will come across a variety of museums spanning the history of former times’ fishing industry as well as Viking Age art and culture. We could for instance mention Vorupør Museum and the Viking burial ground, Tømmerby Vikingegravplads.

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Events in Klitmøller

Surfing in Klitmøller is an activity dating back to the 1980s, and – since then – this culture has only been growing. ”Cold Hawaii”– this epithet, arisen among surfers, is due to the spectacular weather conditions almost always producing wind and waves – just like on Hawaii. The entire western stretch of the Thy  coast, designated ”Cold Hawaii”, is centered round Hummerhuset on the Klitmøller beach. Klitmøller has been hosting the PWA World Cup in the windsurf discipline of wave performance, since 2010. Here, the best surfers in the world compete for the championship.

Other than this, the Thy area frequently hosts a variety of events.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Though few in number, the Klitmøller restaurants are fabulous. For instance, you can enjoy a delicious 3-course meal based on local produce at Restaurant Conrad; or you could enjoy the view together with the fish buffet served at Niels Juul.

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In the Thy area, you find a number of overnight accommodations, be that in summer cottages or as a camper.

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