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If you are in North Jutland, the active fishing city of Hirtshals is definitely worth a visit. The city is known for its two harbours: the fishing and ferry harbour, where you find plenty of life with fishermen smiling over the catch of the day, restaurant guests enjoying their mouth-watering dishes and curious passer-bys turning their heads to take in the scene. With ferry you can sail to both Norway and the Faeroe Islands from Hirtshals, and if you move up "the stairs" by the harbour, you have easy access to the many shopping opportunities, cafées and the city environment - and do not forget the amazing view of the ocean.

Things to do and see

In Hirtshals, you can enjoy the impressive harbour, where you can e.g. buy freshly caught fish and take a harbour cruise. Otherwise there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city life, shop in the pedestrian street of Hirtshals and visit the many exciting restaurants.

If you get enough of city life, lace up your hiking boots or rent a bike so you can go on adventures in the wonderful nature surrounding Hirtshals. A brisk horse ride on the beach might also be something for you, or if you more so enjoys a calm setting, fishing is always an option that creates great possibilities of conversing with the locals or other tourists.

Hirtshals also offers entertainmant that attracts people from all over the world, where especially the North Sea Oceanarium, Hirtshals Museum, Hirtshals Lighthouse and The Bunker Museum Battery 10 are very prominent highlights.

The North Sea Oceanarium is the absolute largest attraction in Hirtshals, and here you will find something for both children and adults. Experience the fish of the world and watch as they are fed by divers, while the children get an insight into the mysteries of the ocean through play.

Hirtshals Lighthouse was built by King Frederik VII in 1863. The lighthouse is 35 meters high and is today automatic and still working, although it is mostly used for art exhibitions.

The Bunker Museum Battery 10 is Denmark's only excavated, complete German defense installation from the Second World War that is still open to the public. The museum consists of 54 excavated bunkers and many canon, mortar and machine gun positions along with a radar and searchlight facility, where you can move through the different areas via the 3,5 kilometer long trench.

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Events in Hirtshals

There is always plenty going on in Hirtshals, especially in the summer months. Musik Under Trappen (Music under the stairs) offers free music experiences in week 30, and in the first weekend of August there is an opportunity to spoil your senses, when Hirtshals Fish Festival takes place.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Hirtshals has plenty of cozy dining places, specialising in serving delicious fish, which comes directly from the harbour.

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Whether you are looking for private accommodation, a hotel or camping sites - Hirtshals has it all!

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