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Surrounded by amazing beaches and large forests, you will find Hals. Here you can safely let the children play at the water's egde.

Hals is a charming little city with small, cozy streets, a harbor with a fantastic view over the Limfjord and Kattegat, a historic entrenchment and a big selection of shops and restaurants. The city is located in Vendsyssel and lies close to the mouth of the Limfjord into Kattegat with a ferry connection to Egense, which is on the fjord's south side. In the old days, Hals was of great strategic importance, since it gives access to the Limfjord. Today the area around the Limfjord and Kattegat has some of Northern Europe's most children friendly beaches, and south of the entry into Hals, is the nature center, Lille Vildmose.

Things to see and do

Although Hals is a small town, there is still much to see. At the town square you can see the trademark of the city, Hvalgabet, which is the jaw of a blue whale. The jaw is so huge that a truck might easily drive through it - which also happened in 1953, when Hvalgabet had to be replaced by a new one, since a truck had driven right into it.

Otherwise, the white sandy beaches just north of the city are extremely popular, and the redoubt in Hals is one of Denmark's best preserved redoubts, which during the Second World War was used by the Germans as a military headquarter.

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Events near Hals

The beautiful nature surrounding Hals is perfect for arranged hikes and aquavit herb-collections, but in the months of June until August there is also a square market in Hals every Wednesday. In the neighbor city of Hou, which is a bit further north, there is also a market on Mondays. In July there is Black Powder Festival, where Hals Museum arranges loads of activities on the redoubt and of course fires off the black powder.

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Restaurants and places to eat

In Hals there are plenty of dining options in the shape of family friendly restaurants, small cafes and cozy inns.

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In the area surrounding Hals you will find plenty of cozy summer houses, small bed and breakfasts and camping opportunities.

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