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The roar of the waves, wide beaches and impressive dunes are just some of the things that characterize this attractive area...

Grønhøj lies between the resorts of Blokhus and Løkken. In Grønhøj you’ll find a charming and relaxing holiday atmosphere in a beautiful setting. The beaches and the gently undulating countryside behind them, featuring be-planted dunes, moorland, meadows and woodland, makes the area a particularly attractive and peaceful holiday destination. With your lunchbox under your arm and your trusty bicycle or walking stick you can explore the countryside which comes right up to your door.

Grønhøj beach is among the best in Denmark. The fine, wide sandy beach backs onto an area of tall and impressive dunes where you’ll find lyme grass and troughs and indentations out of the wind. The beach has a blue flag and cars are permitted on the beach.

Grønhøj is surrounded by green, idyllic undulating landscapes where you’ll find heaths, protected areas, fields and forestry. Accommodation in Grønhøj includes holiday centers and cottages.

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