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The vicinity of the town of Brønderslev is packed with nature experiences in places such as the forest, Dronninglund Storskov; the raised bog, Vildmosen; and the ridge of Jyske Ås. A visit to the manor houses (or ‘palaces’ and ‘castles’ as we Danes tend to call such stately homes) Dronninglund Castle and Voergård Castle will provide historical experience aplenty. You may even participate in an evening banquet at Voergård Castle – or you can pay our museums a visit and learn about former times’ fishing; about the milling of grain at the mill, Dorf Mølle; look at vintage cars/tractors; or take a tour through the history of the Vildmose moorlands.

Moreover, Brønderslev houses one of Northern Europe’s largest rhododendron parks – Hedelund. Surrounded be century-old trees, the park boasts more than 10,000 rhododendrons, primarily blooming in the months of May and June – a most spectacular sight! There is also a wonderful large playground, and the park’s Restaurant Hedelund is a charming restaurant, providing a panorama view of the park.

Next to Brønderslev you will find a small pearl, Asaa Strand, which is one of Denmark's most child-friendly sandy beaches. Take a trip to the idyllic harbor of Asaa with the red painted fishermen's houses and visit the cozy Asaa Harbor Museum.


In central Brønderslev you will find specialty shops side by side with larger convenience stores. This is, indeed, a shopping district; and, moreover, the town hosts several large ”Open by Night” events.

Things to see and do

Brønderslev town is home to the museum, Vildmosemuseet. This museum is all about the moorland and its history. And, if you feel like a drive, the Store Vildmose and its wide vistas will bid you welcome.

If you are interested in more nature, the large North Jutlandridge – Jyske Ås – is definitely recommendable. Here you meet a comprehensive selection of hiking and biking routes, and the view from many locations is absolutely unique. A little outside Brønderslev, the shelter site at the organic farm ”Lille Østergaard” provides a most unique experience. Here you can fall asleep to the sound of the very rare and protected common spade-foot toad; and you will have underwater binoculars at your disposal and sound equipment to transmit the toad’s quite unique croaking.

Moving a little further east, you will come across the municipality’s two castles, namely Dronninglund Castle and Voergaard Castle, both representing centuries of history. Moreover, Dronninglund Castle also serves as a hotel with a restaurant; and – every year, in week 29 – Voergaard Castle opens its gates to a Medieval Festival. During this week, you may chance upon the character of the nasty bishop, Stygge Krumpen, and his paramour. You will further come across craftsmen and traders peddling their goods. You will hear the blissful singing of nuns and monks; mercenary soldiers will be training for combat; and travelling musicians and street artists will perform their feats.

The art centre, Dronninglund Arts Center, is located on the outskirts of the forest Dronninglund Storskov. Due to its distinctive gables and light effect, many have compared it this museum of art, built in 1977, to the Sydney Opera House. On an ongoing basis, the museum organizes art exhibitions and, also, it has a well-stocked gallery shop and a café.

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Events in Brønderslev

Brønderslev is a town of many activities – be that commercially or culturally, as the latter is of high status in Brønderslev. All year round, the round Pavillion of Rhododendronparken provides the framework for concerts, plant markets and a wealth of other activities.

During the season, the Vildmose Museum is home to a number of activities – not just focused on the moorlands of Store Vildmose, but e.g. also about life in Brønderslev during World War II. At the museum, you can get much wiser on a plane crash which took place in Store Vildmose in 1940. Here, 4 people lost their lives, and there was one survivor.

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Restaurants and places to eat

At Restaurant Hedelund in Rhododendronparken in Brønderslev, you can enjoy your lunch, a cup of coffee or your dinner with a view to the park. In central Brønderslev, you find Café Kox, a socioeconomic café. You will also find Restaurant Bondestuen where old danish food high-rise. The objective of the café is to supply healthy food of a high-quality. You can take your meal in the café, in the patio or as take-away. If you lean towards a more romantic experience, Dronninglund Castle's restaurant invites you to delicious fine dining.

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Visit Hotel Phønix, a charming hotel in central Brønderslev steeped in atmosphere and with shopping opportunities right outside its doors. If you prefer staying in one of the villages around Brønderslev, we recommend Dronninglund HotelHotel Hjallerup Kro and Jerslev Inn. If you have an inclination towards romance, Dronninglund Castle provides romantic rooms with a view to the park.
On the east coast, in the charming fishing village of Asaa, Asaa Camping  provides every kind of camping facility, inclusive of luxury cabins.
If you prefer more primitive holidaying, there are many nature camp sites around the municipality.

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