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Here you can search for products in all of North Jutland such as activities, accommodation and restaurants. 

Use our database to get an overview over the many possibilities and find just what you are looking for.

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Krabbefood by Jesper Krabbe

Let’s cook by the bonfire Nature is at the base of all of Krabbefood’s activities. Joined by chef, JesperKrabbe, you will go to the woods or the beach, where you will learn to prepare the season’s and
Type: Tour suggestions

Last Stop Shop

Last Stop Shop is the cross-border shopping of Hirtshals. Here you can purchase a variety of goods. The selection consists of frost/meat, sodas/wine/beer/spirits, tobacco, colonial and candy. You can
Type: Shopping

Christmas-jazz with dinner and dancing

Christmas-jazz with a very special band, “Tribute to Papa Bue”. Friday December 28th at 18:30 at Kroen, Hotel Hirtshals you can experience the band “Tribute to Papa Bue”. This band is a tribute band i
Type: Events

Eat dinner together in Huset Havs

Eat dinner together at Huset Havs "Together, we create Løkken" Madhuset Havs invites to enjoy a cozy and atmospheric meal.    The food plan is: September 25th - Chili Con Carne Beef, Beans, Fried Rice
Type: Events

Traktor Museum, Nr. Nissum

Welcome to a tractor museum with life and soul  At Anders Poulsen’s, in Nørre Nissum in Lemvig, there has been built a large collection of vintage tractors throughout the last 20 years. Tractors, whic
Type: Museums