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The North Sea Trail

The North Sea Trail is a coastline hiking trail through the seven countries surrounding the North Sea; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, England and Scotland. In North Jutland the trail r
Type: Tour suggestions

Løvtag - tree tops in Als

Denmark’s first tree top cabins are now ready for overnight guests – so if you want to sleep in a cabin 6 meters above the ground and with an spectacular view – now is your chance. The tree top cabins
Type: Cabins

Heart Trails

A Heart trail is a marked route, where you will see the heart foundations logo along side the route There are 27 heart trails in Brønderslev county Some of the local committees arrange weekly runs, ta
Type: Tour suggestions

Main Library Viborg - kopi

Free WIFI for all your devices -  and free access to PCs.  Book talks, concerts, small exhibitions, and activities for children.  Newspapers, magazines, and books in different languages.  The main lib
Type: Events

Hiking along the Ancient Road Hærvejen

The Ancient Road Hærvejen The Ancient Road Hærvejen in Northern Jutland was opened in May 2014 and is a joined Nordic project. The Ancient Road can be traced back 4000 years, yet, the routes was not o
Type: Tour suggestions

Guided tour of Løkken

Only in Danish. Guided tour of Løkken - a tour through the historic landscape of Løkken - from the small streets of Løkken over the dunes to the beach - a tour of app. 90 minutes. Starting from the to
Type: Events

Hiking trail in Nørre Ådalen

The route (4,7 km) is located in the northern part of Brønderslev. It guides your through a beautiful landscape which shows the sign from the last ice age. Parking can be found at Sundhedshuset. From
Type: Tour suggestions

Hiking trail in Dronninglund Naturpark

Dronninglund naturepark is a place for the whole family. Here you will find: Hiking, jungletrail, moutainbike trail, minigolf and plenty of other fun activities. Eventyrstien is an audio experience we
Type: Tour suggestions

Hiking trails in Søheden Skov

Here you will find two marked routes. The red route is 3,3 km and shares some of the routes with the Ancient Road, Hærvejen. The yellow route is 1 km and easily accessible. Besides the marked routes,
Type: Tour suggestions

Hiking trails in Dronninglund Storskov

Dronninglund Storskov is a coniferous and beech forest located north of Dronninglund in Vendsyssel. The forest measures about 900 hectares and is situated in a hilly landscape. The forest has many hil
Type: Tour suggestions