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Here you can search for products in all of North Jutland such as activities, accommodation and restaurants. 

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2takt Café & Brasserie

2takt Café & Brasserie is a dining and meeting place in the heart of Frederikshavn. The restaurant appreciate good ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere that you can experience while enjoying your food
Type: Restaurants

Bone's Frederikshavn

Centrally located in Frederikshavn’s pedestrian precinct, you’ll find Bone’s family restaurant, which is the epitome of “Old America”, where American BBQ culture meets Danish quality and service. Ever
Type: Restaurants

Mølledage (Millingdays) at Stokmøllen (Roof Mill) Østerklit

In the middle of Tversted Klitplantage there is a thatched barn, the remains of the twin farm 'Østerklit', with an old windmill with all parts intact. We tell the story of the building and the Roof Mi
Type: Events

Constitution Day Celebration in Try

Programme: 5 pm: Dinner 6 pm: Constitution Day speech with Finn Reske Nielsen
Type: Events

Market Day in Try

Experience the annual Spring Market held by the Regional Assembly in Try (formerly Try Museum) The working museum artists will be handling animals and machinery, field hike and gardening - and you can
Type: Events


For the eighth time, Aalborg pays tribute to "the word" at the annual festival Ordkraft. Roughly translated, 'Ordkraft' means 'the power of the word', and that is exactly what to expect of the festiva
Type: Events

Hay Day in Try

Bring the family for a lovely day in Try - like in the good old days! At the Regional Assembly in Try (formerly Try Museum) you can see how traditional farm work of former times was carried out. Try t
Type: Events

Golf lessons at Vennebjerg Golf

Golf lessons at Vennebjerg Golf. If you need good advice, or if the family wants to learn to play, then here is an opportunity of all time. Vennebjerg Golf is located in beautiful nature. The course i
Type: Events

Guided tour in the Amber workshop

Margit and Erik Ravgård Chritiansen are passionate amberlovers. They will show their work and tell their story about working with amber for 45 years. Margit shows how to knit Viking chains in fine sil
Type: Events

Spring work in Try

Bring the family for a lovely spring day in Try - a work day like in the good old days! At the Regional Assembly in Try (formerly Try Museum) spring is celebrated with a day of work. Tractors will be
Type: Events