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Prehistoric monuments & ruins

If you are interested in history, North Jutland has a number of well preserved prehistoric monuments and ruins that might peek your interest.

Read more about viking sites and the history of North Jutland.

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Stentinget-Byrhøj by Klokkerholm

Just outside the town of Klokkerholm you can experience history. Here, you find the historical site called Stentinget and the burial mound called Byrhøj. Park the car by the Johannes cross, take the s
Type: Prehistoric monuments


The passage grave at Hvisselhøj is unique with 3 stonebuilt chambers from the Stone Age. Nowhere else in Denmark have they ever found a passage grave with three chambers built behind one another. Howe
Type: Prehistoric monuments

The dolmen “Ønskestenen”

The dolmen is of 5 large megaliths and the “ønskesten”, which means wish stone, on top. The 6 large megaliths is, however, partly buried soil and piled up boulders. The stone was used in the beginning
Type: Prehistoric monuments


The inclusion, in this context, of the Helligkorskilde (The Holy Cross Spring) at Gl. Skørping Church is stretching the point a bit. It is mentioned because the Helligkorskilde is a good example of th
Type: Prehistoric monuments

The passage grave ”Jættestuen” in Suldrup

This passage grave is from the early Stone Age, 2,300-2000 BC. The passage grave is 8 metres long and has 5 capstones. A small sub-chamber can be found at the side. These sub-chambers are also known f
Type: Prehistoric monuments

The Burial mounds, Frendrup Nihøje

Frendrup Nihøje, can be directly translated to Frendrup Nine Hills, is a protected area with many burial mounds. Today, only 7 are left, and not nine as the name indicates. The burial mounds are locat
Type: Prehistoric monuments

Egholm Castle ruin

North of Rold Skov, towards the stream Lindenborg Å, is castle mounds Egholm Castle. The place was previously surrounded by oak scrub–hence. The construction is of the same age as other forts and plac
Type: Prehistoric monuments

Little Berlin

During World War 2., the German occupation build a large complex with large receiver dishes and antennas on meadow southeast of Fræer. The locals called it “Little Berlin”. Everything was concealed, s
Type: Prehistoric monuments

The Fort of Borremose

This fort is the oldest place of refuges, and it is located approx. 3.5 kilometres south of Aars. The fortress was constantly occupied from 250 years BC until 150 years BC. But, according to archaeolo
Type: Prehistoric monuments

Golden Harald's Hill

A little to the north of Hals, you will find Winther’s Plantation. Here rests a bit of Danish history. The Vikings fought for the power over Denmark and Norway, and a bloody battle was fought nearby.
Type: Prehistoric monuments