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Prehistoric monuments & ruins

If you are interested in history, North Jutland has a number of well preserved prehistoric monuments and ruins that might peek your interest.

Read more about viking sites and the history of North Jutland.

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Day & Night

In keeping with tradition, the shops in Aalborg City centre welcome summer by inviting everyone to enjoy an endless stream of wonderful offers. And you can shop until 10 o’clock in the evening! Like p
Type: Events

Kunsten Summer Lounge

Once again, Kunsten hosts a wonderful cocktail of music and street food in a cozy setting full of art. Every Wednesday during the summer, Kunsten Summer Lounge brings a lounge vibe to Skulpturparken.
Type: Events

Hr. Nielsens Specialiteter

- When the mouth needs to be spoiled Hr. Nielsens Specialiteter lies in the heart of Brovst and is worth the visit when you want to spoil yourself or others.  At Hr. Nielsens Specialiteter you will fi
Type: Shopping

Oliver Vernon

The mural at Løkkegade 12 in Aalborg, with its many colors, gives a fantastic background to Aalborg's cityscape. The mural was created by the artist Oliver Vernon as a part of 'Out In The Open 2019'.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Madsmedjen Slettestrand

Madsmedjen in Slettestrand Madsmedjen is a part of Feriecenter Slettestrand and is situated at the old farm where the town smithy in Hjortdal used to be. It’s also just a few minutes walk from the pre
Type: Other activities

Fønix SmartPhone Repair

Fønix SmartPhone Repair is ready to help if the accident is out or you are missing a spare part for your Iphone. Iphone repair and repair of Ipad. Is the spare part for your particular phone in stock
Type: Other companies

Agger Athlon

Sports event every year in august in Agger.
Type: Sport and other activities

Charcoal Burners in Rold burning charcoal - kopi

Kulsvierlauget invite everyone to participate in this year's kulsvidning or look at. Meeting place: Kulsvierpladsen behind Vedstedskovhus (P on the car park at the town sign in Rebild).
Type: Events

Summer Market in Brønderslev

It's time for the annual the great Summer Market in the city of Brønderslev. Join in on a good old shopping spree and make a great catch among the many different stalls! Here you will find loads of ex
Type: Events

Find your way in Søheden

Experience the forest and the beautiful surroundings in a different way. Join in on a treasure hunt! The nature guide will take you through the basic signatures on a map and map-reading and how to use
Type: Events