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If you are feeling hungry, there is a wealth of eateries in all of North Jutland with dishes that suit every palate.

On this page you can get an overview of places to eat in all of North Jutland.

Search for a specific area or view our guide to food and gastronomy in North Jutland or see the list over the best restaurants in North Jutland.

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Cafe Kulør Slettestrand

Cafe Kulør at Slettestrand is a small cafe, which serves a delicious coffee, ice cream of all sorts, cakes, freshly made sandwiches, sausages, cold drinks and a cosy atmosphere. The cafe is situated o
Type: Cafés


Hotel Klitrosen is located in a very beautiful setting with only a 5 minutes-walk to the North See and Svinkløv plantation on the other side of the road. Klitrosen is a hotel wich focusses on art, des
Type: Restaurants

Fjerritslev Pizza & Kebab house

Cozy foodplace Fjerritslev Pizza & Kebab House does everything to give the best service and deliver the greatest food. We want it to be a good experience to visit Fjerritslev Pizza & Kebab House.
Type: Restaurants

Strandhuset Tranum

The Strandhuset is situated on the beach at Tranum within a stone’s throw from the sea. You have a fantastic view in all weathers. The beach is very popular both among residents and visitors. In the l
Type: Restaurants

Hotel og Restaurant Klim Bjerg

In beautiful surroundings close to the Northsea is Hotel and Restaurant Klim Bjerg placed.
Type: Restaurants

Restaurant Slettestrand

In Restaurant Slettestrand you can enjoy homemade and sustainable food inspired by the nature surrounding us. Our chefs place a large effort to use the best produce from local manufactures, with a hig
Type: Restaurants

Fjerritslev Kro

In Fjerritslev Kro there is also fast food restaurant and disko.
Type: Restaurants

La Viva Café & Restaurant

The Pizza & Steak House in Fjerritslev has 15 years of experience in making good food for our guests. Over the years we have received a lot of positive responses from our guests so that today we can c
Type: Restaurants

Jammerbugt Motel og Camping, Restaurant Kronhjorten

Restaurant Kronhjorten.
Type: Restaurants