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If you are feeling hungry, there is a wealth of eateries in all of North Jutland with dishes that suit every palate.

On this page you can get an overview of places to eat in all of North Jutland.

Search for a specific area or view our guide to food and gastronomy in North Jutland or see the list over the best restaurants in North Jutland.

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Lovely coffeshop with real italian homemade icecream, exclusive espresso-coffee, cookies and coffee to go. Extended opening hours during the high season. Please call for more information or check out
Type: Cafés


Type: Restaurants


Iskompagniet (The Ice Cream Company) opened its dooes for the first time in 2014 and since then it has served guests and locals in Løkken. The little retro cafe is to be found in Søndergade 1B, and he
Type: Cafés

North Shore Soerf Food

Delicacies from the North Sea Get a taste of “Løkken” at North Shore Sørf Food. We make sure you can enjoy local fare. Delicacies from the North Sea are caught by local fishermen and landed at the bea
Type: Cafés

Action House - Restaurant

After all the action Action House's restaurant offer you a menu while you're taking a brake from one of the numerous activities. They serve everything from burgers & fries to buffets and delicious par
Type: Restaurants


Fast-food restaurant just next to the centre of Løkken, also with tables outside the restaurant. The restaurant is placed on the corner of Søndergade and Sdr. Strandvej, just app. 200 m from the beach
Type: Fastfood


Restaurant chain which is located in both Løkken & Blokhus. International buffet with huge choice of dishes. Eat all you can at a reasonable price - children half price. Extended opening hours during
Type: Restaurants

Løkken Snackbar og Cafèen

Løkken Snackbar and Café is close to the centre of Løkken and not far from Løkken Beach. Tables outside. More than 100 courses on the menu - also as take out! Please, call for more information and ope
Type: Fastfood

Restaurant Løkken Strandgaard

The restaurant is in the holiday centre Løkken Strandgaard only 500 metres from the ocean. Charming restaurant decorated with candles and flowers. Good traditional Danish fare at reasonable prices. Ou
Type: Restaurants