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If you are feeling hungry, there is a wealth of eateries in all of North Jutland with dishes that suit every palate.

On this page you can get an overview of places to eat in all of North Jutland.

Search for a specific area or view our guide to food and gastronomy in North Jutland or see the list over the best restaurants in North Jutland.

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Cafe Peace

Type: Cafés

Bistro V

If you are in the mood for comfort food served elegantly, Bistro V is a fine choice! Here, they serve many different kinds of food – both lunch and dinner – and you can bring it with you as takeaway!
Type: Restaurants

Douro Wine Bar & Café

Douro Wine Bar is a ”hyggelig”, little wine bar in the heart of Aalborg, which focuses on Portuguese wines and specialties, and is run by two Danes and two Portuguese men, who all love Portuguese wine
Type: Cafés

NAPA Lounge

NAPA is Vesterå’s newest combined café and wine bar, which is based on quality, great taste experiences, seasonally appropriate food, good wine, and excellent, friendly service, as the cherry on top.
Type: Cafés

Dalle Valle

Dalle Valle is a household name in Denmark. Originally, Dalle Valle was a warehouse from 1910 to 1999, but through a tumultuous life, Dalle Valle has now turned into a café and buffet style restaurant
Type: Cafés

Grillen Burgerbar

Grillen Burgerbar serves its own interpretation of the classic hamburger, which is both juicy and messy, with crispy French fries and a variety of dips – and buying one won’t shock your bank account!
Type: Restaurants

Rositas Bistro

Rositas Bistro is a hidden treasure in the food landscape of Aalborg. Enter this fine, little restaurant that just oozes “hygge”, and let yourself enjoy a romantic evening with French-inspired cuisine
Type: Restaurants

El Mariachi

El Mariachi is a Mexican gastropub located at the heart of Aalborg that offers lovely food accompanied nicely by meticulously chosen beers and wines. Visit El Mariachi for a cocktail before going out.
Type: Restaurants

Chido Mexican Grill

Visit Chido Mexican Grill in Aalborg, and taste authentic, Mexican grilled food. The menu has delicious burritos, tacos, and quesadillas with an array of meats and vegetables and, of course, guacamole
Type: Restaurants

Brdr. Price Aalborg

The Price brothers are experiencing huge popularity in Denmark with multiple TV-shows using "plenty of butter" and different restaurants. Now, they open their first restaurant outside of Copenhagen in
Type: Restaurants