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Natural areas

In North Jutland there are plenty of opportunities to experience the stunning nature.

We are surrounded by oceans and the East and West coast are two very different coastal areas, yet you will also find beautiful forests and other natural areas.

Read more about the nature in North Jutland here.

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Bats Spot in Sæby

Sæby Å is one of the best areas for water bat. This is because there are many old and hollow trees close to the water, so the bats have the best conditions for finding both food and shelter. There are
Type: Natural areas


Komponistskoven (The Composer Forest) provides you with a lovely breathing space filled with peace and quiet away from the noise of the city - close to Brønderslev Komponistskoven is located in the we
Type: Natural areas

Nørre Ådalen

The natural area Nørre Ådalen is located in the northern end of Brønderslev. The area is varied and hilly because it origins from the latest Ice Age. The area is close to the city, yet it allows you t
Type: Natural areas

Fejborg Bakke, Grevsmosen and Bollebakken

The area Fejborg Bakke (hill), Grevsmosen and Bollebakken is a part of Jyske Ås and was declared preserved area in 1964. The natural area is approx. 70 hectares and offers public access on foot along
Type: Natural areas

Asaa og Geraa Reserve

Asaa and Geraa Reserve can be described as a mini-tidal flat, where wading birds and birds of prey search for food and migrate to and from. Many bird enthusiasts visit the area to observe the multiple
Type: Natural areas

Grindsted Plantation

Grindsted Plantation is a nature area close to Brønderslev with great hiking trails and nature experiences. In the plantation you will encounter idyllic small lakes, both close and open forest areas,
Type: Natural areas

Dronninglund Forest and Sømosen

Dronninglund Storskov is an ideal place to enjoy nature from your bicycle or while hiking. Follow one of the many trails through the forest and get a few historic insights while you are on your way. D
Type: Natural areas

Jyske Ås (the Jutlandic Ridge)

The area around Dronninglund offers you a lovely landscape and outstanding nature. Here, you have a chance to experience luxuriant fields, large woods, bugs and vast moors. This area is called Jyske Å
Type: Natural areas

Bette Jens' Hyw

Stendal Høje which is also called Bette Jenses Hyw is the lookout post at Fur.   Stendal Høje is the island's highest point (75 m above sea level). There is a view of most of the island and northern S
Type: Natural areas

Birkesø (Lake)

The lake Birkesø is located in rolling country, and it is excellent for bathing. There is a bathing jetty and plenty of trees and bushes for shelter.
Type: Natural areas