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Natural areas

In North Jutland there are plenty of opportunities to experience the stunning nature.

We are surrounded by oceans and the East and West coast are two very different coastal areas, yet you will also find beautiful forests and other natural areas.

Read more about the nature in North Jutland here.

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Dog-friendly-park in Tversted

Bring your dog with you on holiday to our lovely area.  The dog forest in Tversted is located by the dune plantation in Tversted and has lots of rooms for dogs.  The area is enclosed and dogs are ther
Type: Natural areas

Jernkilden i Sæby (The Iron source)

Jernkilden (The iron source) in Sæby played such a big role for a period that Sæby at that time was one of the leading spa towns. One thought that ferrous water was good against many different ailment
Type: Natural areas

The Max Henius Bonfire Hut

The Max Henius Bonfire Hut is located close to the parking area and is sheltered from the wind. Walk down the stairs from the parking area, turn left and find the bonfire hut behind some trees. The bo
Type: Natural areas

Pedershaab Dog Walking Forest

A brand new place for you and your dog in the city of Brønderslev!   A work in progress! Soon a brand new dog walking forest will open in the city of Brønderslev by Komponistskoven, where dogs can run
Type: Natural areas

Flodbæk (Creek)

Flodbæk (stream) and Vesterklit are a protected area which creates a nature oasis with beautiful and variating landscape in the middle of the large area of holiday home. Flodbæk makes its way through
Type: Natural areas

Dog walking forest in Ørum

The fenced-in dog walking park by 'Oasen' in Ørum is a lovely activity space for both the two-legged and the four-legged. In the park you will find a cabin and a campfire place. All facilities are her
Type: Natural areas

Dog Forests

Dog Forests Notice that many of the dog forests are located a bit away from the parking spots. Therefore it is important that your dogs are kept on a leash until you reach the dog forests – unless oth
Type: Natural areas

Forstbotanisk Naturpark - Hjørring

The Arboreal Nature Park (Forstbotanisk Naturpark) at Landbogården in Hjørring is a source of inspiration for many both landscape gardners and private garden enthusiasts. The 13-hectare landscaped gar
Type: Natural areas

Ove Sø

Ove Sø is located in Thy on the border between Sydthy Municipality and Thisted Municipality. Most of the lake's large catchment area consists of intensively cultivated agricultural land, but there are
Type: Natural areas

Bøgsted Rende

At Bøgsted Rende The name Bøgsted Rende means the »building site by the trench« and does not, as many wrongly translate, have anything to do with the beech (bøg) trees. In the 1600s and the 1700s ther
Type: Natural areas