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Local taste experiences

North Jutland offers you plenty of different taste experiences at various local industries such as dairy farms, vineyards and brew houses.

We have a number of local products, you only find here in North Jutland.

Read more about the flavor of North Jutland here.

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Local food products - Made in Himmerland

Made in Himmerland is a cooperation between the local food producers and outdoor adventurists. The taste of Himmerland Himmerland is an area with a wide spectrum of great adventures and sights to see
Type: Local specialities

Stiftelsen Købmandsgården i Skovsgård

Delicacies from the Kitchen at Købmandsgården The kitchen forms a part of the daily activities, where we work with a group of grown-up people with special needs. If you or your company are going to ha
Type: Local specialities

Bugtens Bryghus - microbrewery

In the heart of Jammerbugten lies the small microbrewery BugtensBryghus in Bratbjerg. Bratbjerg is now best known for Bratbjergmanden and Bratbjergsøerne a lovely nature area with many walking trails
Type: Local specialities

Nr. Nissum Hand Brew

A world class experience of taste… Nr. Nissum Håndbryg (Hand Brew) is a small brewery located in beautiful surroundings in Nørre Nissum. The brewery started its first activities on June 1st 2017 and w
Type: Local specialities

Mariager Salt

Mariager Salt – from earth to table to cloud nine More than 20 different variants of sea salt and salt with spices are just some of the things that Mariager Saltcenter has to offer. They don’t only ma
Type: Local specialities

Den Grønne Vogn

Right outside Lønstrup you will find "Den Grønne Vogn" The Green Wagon, that always have a wide and inviting selection of the seasons vegetables. Great, local, fresh commodities are the keywords for t
Type: Local specialities

Crispbread from Grangården

Old Nordic – Crispbread with love The Old Nordic ‘Gammel Nordisk’ from Grangaarden is crispbread baked with love: love to the baker craft and to the good flavor – inspired by the beautiful Himmerland
Type: Local specialities

Convent Honey - and the holy bees

Convent Honey - The holy bees Behind the old Abbey Church is the old Abbey Garden. The garden is filled with plants, bushes and trees all with a lot of history and with roots that actually goes all th
Type: Local specialities

Falslevgård Mølle

”It’s a passion for me being a part of the process from seeing the seeds get sown into the fields, to see it grow and get harvested and then finally getting it grained into flour on our modern stone m
Type: Local specialities


OddeKystVineri – passion for wine The vineyard OddeKystVineri planted its first 50 vines in 2010 on Als Odde at the entry of Mariager Fjord. The vines are planted on old sea bed near Denmarks “most be
Type: Local specialities