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If you are interested in arts and crafts, you will find many interesting local artists in North Jutland who craft and display their works.

On this page everything from painters and sculptors to ceramics, glass art, jewelry and textiles are listed.

Also view our guide to arts, crafts and experiences in North Jutland.

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By Bit

This shop is for those of you who appreciate unique local products and Danish design from BY BIT. Interior design and hand-picked products for your home.
Type: Crafts

UGE33 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Every year in week 33 the crafts and art exhibition ”UGE33” comes to ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ in Hobro. The exhibition comes every year and 2018 was the 15th time. Both local artists and artist from around D
Type: Crafts

Galleri Vetro

Visit the lovely gallery ’Galleri Vetro’ where you can see beautiful glass work and art. The different art works are created in ‘flame’ also known as Hot Glass technique. Hot Glass covers glass blowin
Type: Crafts

Galleri Valdemar - Sæby

The gallery is owned by Jens Valdemar Clausen who is an artist himself and has been running a gallery for 23 years. Some of Europe's most renowned artists exhibit their works here. In the gift shop th
Type: Crafts

Ole's Gallery

Decorative oak tree artwork from Store Vildmose At Ole's Gallery in Øster Brønderslev just 2 km from Brønderslev you can experience the extraordinary old oak trees from Store Vildmose. The tree is bet
Type: Crafts

Vorupør Lys og Blomster

Vorupoer Lys (candles), is situated in the center of Vorupoer, with production and sales of many types of candles. It is possible to watch the production of hand made candles dyed in grain and it is p
Type: Crafts

Rigmor Horsevad Potter

Potter Rigmor Horsevad invites you into her gallery and ceramic workshop. The gallery is located beautifully with a view of Husmoderstranden (the beach). The gallery has numerous large and small uniqu
Type: Crafts

Butik Den Gamle Sparekasse

Arts and Crafts and Creative Workshop At Skovsgård you will find “Butik Den Gamle Sparekasse”. The idea behind the place is to be a creative workshop, which you can visit and see how the things are ma
Type: Crafts


Culture association.
Type: Crafts

Dorthe Hansen, Sørig Gl. Skole

Potter Dorthe Hansen lives and works at Sørig Gamle Skole (Sørig Old School), where she has fitted out the school hall as a café, shop and gallery. Here you'll find Dorthe's own pottery as well as lar
Type: Crafts