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If you are up for seeing a great movie on the big screen, while you are on holiday in North Jutland, there are plenty of options.

North Jutland has both small and large cinemas with a lot of international movies.

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Hjørring Biocenter

Hjørring Biocenter is a family-oriented cinema complex which presents films for the whole family in four auditoriums. The cinema is fully digitalised and has large comfortable seats. The kiosk has a r
Type: Cinemas

Løgstør BIO

Type: Cinemas

Hadsund Movie Theater

The movie theather in Hadsund primarily shows premiere movies, but also other movies. The theater has two halls with room for 50 and 150 people. You can find the movies playing, here.
Type: Cinemas

Cinema Kino 1-2-3, Thisted

At our cinema, in Thisted, we offer the latest films and the best comfort! SCREEN 1 · 144 seats. SCREEN 2  · 101 seats. SCREEN 3  · 63 sites.
Type: Cinemas


Kinorevuen is not only a modern movie theatre, but also a dynamic culture centre. It is a centre for many different experiences such as films, music, theatre, and presentations. This combination means
Type: Cinemas

Lønstrup Café Bio

This year, Lønstrup Café Bio celebrate their 100th anniversary. The cinema is an association of strong local forces. In the occasion of the anniversary, the cinema offers an exciting program. From ope
Type: Cinemas

Læsø Bio

Type: Cinemas

Biohuset, Lemvig

Biohuset in Lemvig. Visit the cinema called Biohuset in Lemvig. Afternoon films usually start at 16.00 and the evening performances at 19.30. Admission is 70 kroner while double-length films cost at l
Type: Cinemas

Fjerritslev Kino

Fjerritslev Cinema shows new feature films almost every day, but not Saturday. Tickets can be ordered at tel. +45 9821 1149 1 hour before first performance or online. The cinema have 94 seats.
Type: Cinemas

Pandrup Kino

Pandrup Kino is one of the oldest provincial cinemas in Denmark. Since 1923, the cinema has been showing movies on the big screen.
Type: Cinemas