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Castles & mansions

The many lovely castles and mansions of North Jutland are definitely worth a visit.

You can even spend the night on many of them and a few have Medieval days during the year, where they have a lot of exciting activities.

Read more about selected castles and manor houses in North Jutland and also read about the history of North Jutland.

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Dronninglund Castle

Dronninglund Castle serves as a modern hotel and conference centre in historical surroundings. The castle is located at the edge of Dronninglund Forest, close to Dronninglund golf course and Dronningl
Type: Castles and manor houses

Bøgsted Manor

The north wing was built in the 1500s while the westwing was added in the 1600s. In 1791 the manor was renovated, and it was during this time that Bøgsted Manor got is current expression which is clea
Type: Castles and manor houses

Baggesvogn Herregård

Originally the manor was named "Vogn" which meant forest. The house was built in 1744 and has three wings. Through the years the manor has had numerous owners due to unreliable finances. Surrounding t
Type: Castles and manor houses

Høgholt Manor

Høgholt Manor Høgholt, which is situated west of Hørmested can be traced as far back as 1340 and was owned by the Banner family. The manor, as we know it today, was built by Gregers Ulfstand. A famous
Type: Castles and manor houses

Eskær Hovedgaard

Eskær Herregård In the beginning of the 13th century Eskær was an aristocratic home. In 1600 the building consisted of a storied brick house with dormer windows and a half-timbered house. The building
Type: Castles and manor houses

Knivholt hovedgård

Knivholt Manor has been renovated during the recent years and fitted out with workshops typical of its period, which retired tradesmen bring to life. Knivolt's large courtyard provides a stage for ope
Type: Castles and manor houses


In 1657-1660 Denmark and Sweden were in a bloody war. After the war Denmark had to give up areas that are now southern Sweden. Private estates were given to the Sweden in exchange for the island of Bo
Type: Castles and manor houses

Sæbygård Manor Museum - Sæby

Manor house dating back to the late Middle Ages, when it belonged to Børglum Bishop, Stygge Krumpen. Since that time, admirals & several generations of the Arenfeldt family have lived here. It's a fin
Type: Castles and manor houses

Voergaard Slot - Flauenskjold

Experience a treasure trove of adventures for the whole family. Enjoy a day of history and explore the many tales at Voergaard. Creep into the dungeons, meet some ghosts and find the pool of blood. Ex
Type: Castles and manor houses

Bratskov Manor

Bratskov is a typical Northern Jutlandic manor. History dates back to the period, when Valdemar Sejr was King of Denmark. The cellar dates back to 1550. Bratskov consists of a main building and 2 side
Type: Castles and manor houses