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Bed & Breakfast

If you prefer a more homely type of accommodation during your holiday, a Bed & Breakfast is a great option.

In North Jutland you can find many private landlords, who rent out single rooms or entire houses.

Here you will find a list over all of them.

Read more about Bed & Breakfast and private accommodation in North Jutland here.

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La Bonta

Type: Cafés

Kochs Kaffebar (Algade)

In front of Salling, you’ll find Kochs Kaffebar, a cozy, family-run coffeshop. With 30 different kinds of coffee, brewed with 12 different kinds of coffee beans, there is something for everyone. Kochs
Type: Cafés

Kochs Kaffebar (City Syd)

Inside ’Shoppen’ at ’City Syd’, you’ll find the cozy Kochs Kaffebar. Enjoy one of the 30 different kinds of coffee-based drinks and taste the quality of the handy craft. Kochs Kaffebar (Kochs Coffeesh
Type: Cafés

Magasin Aalborg

Type: Shopping

Restaurant Vester Baadelaug

The sound of the ocean and a harbour filled with beautiful yachts. The view from Restaurant Vestre Baadelaud is great. Together with a serving of their delicious ‘stjerneskud’, it can’t get any better
Type: Restaurants

D'Let - The Green Kitchen

When you move up to the 1st floor inside of Friis Shopping Center, the smell of exotic spices hits your nose. The smell is coming from D’let, where you can enjoy the food from the huge thai buffet. D’
Type: Fastfood

Christmas coziness at Boldrup Museum

A leisurely day out for all the family, forget about Christmas stress, here's a Christmas atmosphere in the children's pace. We find the Goblin at 14:00, so he can get his Christmas porridge. There is
Type: Events

Honningens Dag

Type: Events

Fishing license and fishing card in Sæby

Angling is a wonderful activity, where you'll experience the beautiful nature. But remember, it is your responsibility to know the rules before you head out with rod and line. As a angler you need a v
Type: Angling waters

Working Day in Try

Bring the family for a lovely working day in Try - like in the good old days! At the Regional Assembly in Try (formerly Try Museum) the workshops will be up and running with all the worksmen and women
Type: Events