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North Jutland has many different attractions, whether you are looking for amusement parks, monuments or natural areas.

There is always plenty to choose from, when you are in North Jutland on vacation.

Also see our selected attractions in North Jutland here.

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Frøstrup Minilandsby

Frøstrup Minilandsby (Model Village) The construction of Frøstrup Model Village was started in 1999. From the beginning the goal was clear - to build a complete copy of Frøstrup town, as it appeared i
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Oliver Vernon

The mural at Løkkegade 12 in Aalborg, with its many colors, gives a fantastic background to Aalborg's cityscape. The mural was created by the artist Oliver Vernon as a part of 'Out In The Open 2019'.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Telmo Miel

The Dutch duo Telmo Miel is behind the new mural "Exquisite Wast of Time" which has been created during the fifth run of the mural project 'Out in the Open'. Find the mural at Hjulmagervej in Aalborg.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Joram Roukes

The impressive mural ”Final Cut” was created by Dutch artist Joram Roukes during the 2019 mural projekt ”Out in the Open” in Aalborg. You can find the mural in the yard of Bispensgade 8-10 in Aalborg.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

UGE33 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Every year in week 33 the crafts and art exhibition ”UGE33” comes to ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ in Hobro. The exhibition comes every year and 2018 was the 15th time. Both local artists and artist from around D
Type: Crafts

Dog-friendly-park in Folkeparken

Enjoy a day together with the man’s best friend in the town-close park, Folkeparken. In extension of Folkeparken you will find the dog-friendly-park. The park is not fenced and therefore you must be a
Type: Natural areas

Galleri Vetro

Visit the lovely gallery ’Galleri Vetro’ where you can see beautiful glass work and art. The different art works are created in ‘flame’ also known as Hot Glass technique. Hot Glass covers glass blowin
Type: Crafts

Aqua Park with Surf Hill Slide

Exclusive Aqua Park with 3 pools, 26o C water, a giant water slide, water cannons, bubble zone, water slide for kids, and a rippling waterfall. On the sun decks, you will find the summer’s relaxation.
Type: Amusement & theme park

Dog-friendly-park in Tversted

Bring your dog with you on holiday to our lovely area.  The dog forest in Tversted is located by the dune plantation in Tversted and has lots of rooms for dogs. From the parking lot follow the sign to
Type: Natural areas