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North Jutland has many different attractions, whether you are looking for amusement parks, monuments or natural areas.

There is always plenty to choose from, when you are in North Jutland on vacation.

Also see our selected attractions in North Jutland here.

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The Portuguese artist Vhils is world-renowned for his technique, where motives are being carved out in walls. The purpose of the Out in the Open-project is to bring art from the galleries to the stree
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Fintan Magee

Australian Fintan Magee has recently finished a giant new piece as a part of Out in the Open 2019. The artist has made multiple gable painting all over the world and is recognized between gable painte
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Salling ROOFTOP Aalborg

The outstanding success by Århus Salling ROOFTOP has now crawled north and is now to find in Aalborg. Above the department store, you can know lounge on the terrace and enjoy specialties from the café
Type: Buildings and townscapes


The picturesque utility houses at Stenbjerg Landingsplads are built by the fishermen themselves around 1900.There is a really cozy environment around the old landing site at Stenbjerg Strand. Stenbjer
Type: Buildings and townscapes


Vestervig is a town in Thy with 615 inhabitants (2018), located in Vestervig Parish. The city is located in Region North Jutland and belongs to Thisted Municipality. Near the town is Denmark's and the
Type: Buildings and townscapes


Hundborg is an active little village with approx. 600 inhabitants, where the groceries are bought in Dagli'brugsen, which is the city's only shop.Like most smaller communities, the city has a lot of a
Type: Buildings and townscapes

The Troll Museum (Troldemuseet)

The old troll factory at Gjøl houses the troll museum “Troldemuseet”. “Troldemuseet” tells us the story about Thomas Dam and the lucky trolls (Lykketroldene) from Gjøl, and how great an artist he was.
Type: Museums


Hurup is the second largest town in Thy; the city's history is not long, but it can boast a fast and interesting development. In the late 1800s Hurup was a humble collection of small homes, but in 188
Type: Buildings and townscapes


Thisted is the largest town in Thy with 13,000 inhabitants. The city has retained it's air of intimacy, which is felt when you take a walk through the quaint streets. Here you have sights and touches
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Bruuns Atelier and Gallery

Exhibition and sale of crafts and artwork from different artist and home/atelier for illustrator Lone Bruun. Read more about Bruuns Atelier and Gallery in Hals...
Type: Galleries