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North Jutland has many different attractions, whether you are looking for amusement parks, monuments or natural areas.

There is always plenty to choose from, when you are in North Jutland on vacation.

Also see our selected attractions in North Jutland here.

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Stentinget-Byrhøj by Klokkerholm

Just outside the town of Klokkerholm you can experience history. Here, you find the historical site called Stentinget and the burial mound called Byrhøj. Park the car by the Johannes cross, take the s
Type: Prehistoric monuments

Historic buildings in Mariager

The Old City Hall The old city hall is a majestic big building located in the town square. The architectural structure of the building makes it stand out and it is kind of a monument in Mariager. On t
Type: Buildings and townscapes

The Orchard in St. Brøndum

The orchard in St. Brøndrum is an old and idyllic plantation, which attaches high importance to the very finest taste. The focus is among others on new types of apples and pears, and the juice, qualit
Type: Local specialities

The Amber House (Ravhuset), Øster Hurup

”Ravhuset” (The house of Amber) is located in the middle of Øster Hurup. Here you will find an enourmes amount of amber, all collected by the owner of the place, the amber-expert Keld Zaar. Keld Zaar
Type: Crafts

Fruerlundparken in Øster Hurup

We welcome you to Fruerlundparken – a park/nature area in the south of Øster Hurup. This is the place where people from across the country come to have a good time several times during the summer. Thi
Type: Parks and gardens

The Rud Thygesen ARCHIVE, Hobro

Rud Thygesen was a well-known architect who designed a lot of ”famous” furniture. His work is known among both Danish people as well as many foreigners. It was especially his furniture-series that put
Type: Museums

Bats Spot in Sæby

Sæby Å is one of the best areas for water bat. This is because there are many old and hollow trees close to the water, so the bats have the best conditions for finding both food and shelter. There are
Type: Natural areas

Galleri Vognporten in Mariager

At the art gallery ”Galleri Vognporten” you can enjoy several art exhibitions during the year. The gallery has changing exhibitions with both Danish and foreign artists. The exhibitions includes paint
Type: Galleries

ALFA Vesthimmerland's House of Music

Vesthimmerland’s House of Music ALFA is a unique building, sketched by the idea of Per Kirkeby. The house frames great music- and culture experiences, music lessons and associational life. There are a
Type: Buildings and townscapes