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North Jutland has many different attractions, whether you are looking for amusement parks, monuments or natural areas.

There is always plenty to choose from, when you are in North Jutland on vacation.

Also see our selected attractions in North Jutland here.

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UGE33 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Every year in week 33 the crafts and art exhibition ”UGE33” comes to ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ in Hobro. The exhibition comes every year and 2018 was the 15th time. Both local artists and artist from around D
Type: Crafts

Højbjerg & Simmelsgaard

HØJBJERG & SIMMELSGAARD is a gallery with a focus on contemporary art. The gallery is located close to the harbour in Hobro, and has variable exhibitions with different artists, that are both conceptu
Type: Galleries

Local food products - Made in Himmerland

Made in Himmerland is a cooperation between the local food producers and outdoor adventurists. The taste of Himmerland Himmerland is an area with a wide spectrum of great adventures and sights to see
Type: Local specialities

Als, Als Odde & Helberskov

Als, Als Odde and Helberskov   Als, Als Odde and Helberskov, is the south east corner of Himmerland and it is a historical oasis and a good base for a family hiliday in peacefull sorroundings - But th
Type: Other attractions

Dog Forests

Dog Forests Notice that many of the dog forests are located a bit away from the parking spots. Therefore it is important that your dogs are kept on a leash until you reach the dog forests – unless oth
Type: Natural areas

Mariager - The History

Mariager is one of Denmark’s smallest market towns. Until 1410 it was only a small fishing village and ferry-stop on the way between Randers and Aalborg. When you stand in the middle of Mariager, you
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Rebild center & Thingbæk Kalkminer

Rebildcentret is an activity center and a center of information and knowlegde about nature and culture. Rebildcentret is focused on on CHALK, SPRINGS, ART and COLD WAR – and is located in the beautifu
Type: Other attractions

Mariager Salt

Mariager Salt – from earth to table to cloud nine More than 20 different variants of sea salt and salt with spices are just some of the things that Mariager Saltcenter has to offer. They don’t only ma
Type: Local specialities

Øster Hurup Legeland

If the weather doesn’t invite you to the beach or any outdoor activities, or when the children need to have a lot of fun – Øster Hurup Legeland is the right place! There is rollercoasters, Jungle land
Type: Amusement & theme park

Kastbjerg Ådal

In 2017 different hiking trails, that were not open to the public in the scenic river valley, were opened. The trails give you opportunity to either go for a small walk or a longer hike – both in love
Type: Natural areas